Town of Lake Tomahawk, WI
Oneida County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Lake Tomahawk as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire prevention — See Ch. 202.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 292.
[Adopted 2-11-2004]
The Town of Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin, desires to be more restrictive in regards to Section 9.20(E), Accessory Uses & Structures, of the Oneida County Zoning and Shoreland Protection Ordinance.
On October 21, 2003, the Oneida County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution permitting the construction of storage buildings, gazebos, boat houses, etc., on property without ever having to build a principal structure (residence) on that same property. This resolution is now in effect in the Single Family Residential District, the Multiple-Family Residential District, the Residential and Retail District, and the Rural Residential District.
The Town Board of the Town of Lake Tomahawk believes that removing the requirement to build a main residence from the permit and to promote the creation of storage buildings, garages, gazebos, boat houses, etc., will reduce property values on the property and promote camping: The Lake Tomahawk Town Board also does not believe that Oneida County has the ability to oversee and "police" the permits issued; and due to budget constraints at all levels of government, no additional personnel could or should be added to oversee compliance of the use of the land.
The scope of this article includes the construction and inspection of new one- and two-family dwellings, as well as additions and alterations to all dwellings regardless of the age of the dwelling. All detached garages are also included in this article.
[Added 10-10-2012]
For all of the above reasons, the Town of Lake Tomahawk chooses to remain more restrictive in this regard, and by passage of this article chooses to require the Oneida County Planning Zoning Department to inform all Town of Lake Tomahawk property owners applying for permits for an accessory structure, that at the same time shall be required to take out an accompanying two-year permit to place a principal structure (main residence) on the same piece of property.
The only exception to this restrictive measure in the Town of Lake Tomahawk could be in regards to a property owner who owns abutting parcels of land. Should one of those parcels contain the principal structure (residence), and the abutting parcel is vacant land, the Lake Tomahawk Town Board will consider allowing an accessory structure on that vacant parcel, with the applicant appearing before the Lake Tomahawk Town Board to make such a request.
Any property owner within the Town of Lake Tomahawk has the right to appear before the Lake Tomahawk Town Board to request a variance of this article, and may do so by contacting the Town Clerk or Chairperson and requesting to have the matter placed on a Town Board meeting agenda.
The remainder of Oneida County Ordinance Section 9.20(E), as amended on October 21, 2003, shall be in effect within the Town of Lake Tomahawk.
[Adopted 3-10-2004; amended in its entirety at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II)]
The Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC), Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapters Comm 20 to 25, and all amendments thereto are adopted and incorporated in this article by reference and shall apply to all buildings within the scope of this article. A copy of the code is on file with the Town of Lake Tomahawk and with the Town Building Inspector.
Chapters Comm 20 to 25, Wis. Adm. Code, shall apply to additions or alterations to existing dwellings within the Town of Lake Tomahawk.
There is hereby created the position of Building Inspector, who shall administer and enforce this article and shall be certified by the Division of Safety and Buildings, as specified by § 101.66(2), Wis. Stats., in the category of UDC Construction Inspector and in the certification categories of UDC HVAC, UDC Electrical and UDC Plumbing.
Appointment. The Building Inspector shall be appointed and confirmed by the Town Board and shall serve until removed by the Town Board.
General powers and duties. The Building Inspector shall administer and enforce all provisions of this article and the UDC. The Building Inspector may at all reasonable times enter upon any public or private premises for inspection purposes. No person shall interfere with the Inspector while in the performance of the duties described herein.
Records. The Building Inspector shall keep a record of all permit applications issued, to be housed in the Town offices. The permits shall be marked in order and shall coordinate with the seal numbers purchased from the state. The records shall also detail number, description, size, cost, materials used and the aggregate cost of all UDC construction. A record shall be kept of all condemned structures and their removal.
The Building Inspector shall have the power and the duty to see that the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, removal and safety of buildings and moving regulations regarding buildings in the Town of Lake Tomahawk conform to the laws of the State of Wisconsin, the orders, rules and regulations of the Department of Commerce of the State of Wisconsin, and the ordinances, rules and regulations of the Town of Lake Tomahawk and to make all inspections as required.
[Amended 10-10-2012]
The Town of Lake Tomahawk shall also receive an administration fee of $50.