Town of Lake Tomahawk, WI
Oneida County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Lake Tomahawk 5-8-2013.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Nuisances — See Ch. 270.
Peace and good order — See Ch. 284.
Public grounds — See Ch. 325.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 350.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also superseded former Ch. 278, Parks and Recreation, adopted 5-11-1988 as Ch. 19 of the 1988 Code.
Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish rules and regulations for the control of activities in the parks of the Town of Lake Tomahawk. The parks in Lake Tomahawk, referred to collectively as "Town parks," include Boat Landing Park, Snowshoe Park, Bearfoot Park, and Rainbow Park. Any new park shall also be subject to this chapter when opened.
Unlawful conduct. No person shall do any of the following in public parks in the Town of Lake Tomahawk:
Park any vehicle in public parks, unless permitted by posted signs.
Operate any motor vehicle on public grounds, except where clearly marked as roadways.
Operate trail bikes, go-carts, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, golf carts or similar motorized vehicles in Town parks without permission of the Parks Commission.
Operate any vehicle in a careless, reckless or negligent manner that would endanger life or property of others using the Town parks.
Operate any vehicle in a manner to cause a nuisance or to disturb others using the Town parks.
Operate any vehicle on roadways within the Town parks at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour.
Camp overnight, except for special events authorized by the Parks Commission.
Discharge or cause to discharge any firearm, bow and arrow, slingshot or other shooting device within the Town parks in accordance with § 167.30, Wis. Stats.
Disturb, deface or destroy any trees, shrubs, plants or other natural growth.
Deface in any manner any Town park property.
Dig or break up the ground surface anywhere in any Town park.
Build any fire outside of designated fire pits and grills or in a manner that might endanger public health or safety.
Dispose of home garbage. Dispose of garbage anywhere other than in marked receptacles. Recycling containers are provided and must be used.
Post notices, signs or advertisements in any Town park location unless authorized by the Parks Commission.
Sell or offer for sale any article or thing whatsoever; hold demonstrations, festivals or parades in any Town park unless authorized by the Parks Commission.
Pets. Pets are allowed in Town parks on leash and under control of owner at all times. In Snowshoe Park, pets are not allowed on the bleachers, in the concession and food serving area commonly known as the pavilion, or in the fenced playground area. Pet waste must be disposed of in waste containers.
Hours. The normal hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily, except the boat launch, which is open 24 hours. Please be considerate of local residents and keep noise to a minimum.
Approval required. Any group or organization using a special part of any park must request and receive prior approval from the Parks Commission 10 days in advance of requested use.
Beer or alcohol sales. Beer or alcohol sales must have prior and proper licensing obtained from the Town Board 15 days in advance.
Boat launch and parking. No truck, trailer, boat, or vehicle of any type, or combination thereof shall be left unattended at any time in a manner that could hinder, impede, or limit access to, or use of any dock, pier, or launch facility at Boat Landing Park.
Posted regulations. In addition to the regulations listed above, the Parks Commission may post from time to time additional rules and regulations, and the new rules and regulations after posting by the Parks Commission will be incorporated into this section.
Enforcement. The County Sheriff will enforce rules and regulations described in this section.
Penalty. In addition to the penalty provided in § 278-3, any violator will make restitution for damage done to park areas or facilities.
Purpose. The Town Boards of Hazlehurst, Lake Tomahawk, Minocqua and Woodruff Townships, each being a municipality as defined in Ch. 30, Wis. Stats., being aware of and recognizing the hazards to person and property from the use and occupancy of boats and other watercraft during storms and from the presence of fire or other forms of heat aboard the same and accidental burning therefrom; the possibility of intentional or accidental littering and polluting of the lake from such use and operation and the presence of motors and equipment using flammable liquids, and from the presence of such flammable material; and each having jurisdiction of a portion of Tomahawk Lake, being an inland lake, located in Oneida County, which county does not operate any marina development adjacent to said lake, do ordain this section jointly and identically in conformity with § 30.77(3), Wis. Stats., that regulations affecting water traffic, boating and water sports upon the waters of Tomahawk Lake shall be enforced by the officers of the Minocqua and Woodruff Boat Patrols and the officers of the Minocqua and Woodruff Police Departments and any other law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction.
Definitions. Definitions used in Ch. 30, Wis. Stats., are hereby adopted by reference and made a part of this section as if fully set forth herein.
State boating and water safety laws adopted. The statutory provisions describing and defining regulations with respect to water and ice, traffic, boats, boating and related water and ice activities as enumerated in Ch. 30, Wis. Stats., Subchapter V, Regulation of Boating, exclusive of any provisions relating to penalties to be imposed or punishment for violation of such statutes, are by reference adopted as part of this section as if fully set forth herein.
Posting and filing. This section shall be posted at all public access points and a copy filed with the Department of Natural Resources.
Except as otherwise provided, any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a penalty as provided in § 1-4 of this Code.