Town of Madison, ME
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Madison 6-10-1996; printed as amended 6-12-2000. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Street design and construction standards — See Ch. 339.
The purpose of this chapter is to establish an official street naming and house numbering method for the Town of Madison that will provide an actual physical location, in conformity of address, between local property tax maps, mailing and other delivery services, enhanced 911 telephone system, and to assist in providing emergency services. This chapter is adopted pursuant to 30-A M.R.S.A. § 3001 for the purpose of protecting public health, safety and welfare.
This chapter shall apply to any street, building or vacant lot in the Town of Madison. It shall apply to any street, building or vacant lot as shown on map titled "Town of Madison; Existing Land Use; Revised November 7, 1995," or as subsequently amended by the Board of Selectmen as provided in this chapter.
The Board of Selectmen or its designee shall have the sole authorization to assign street numbers to any building or vacant lot within the boundary lines of the Town of Madison. That number shall be the official address used for property identification on Town records.
All properties located on the north side of a street/road, etc., will be assigned an even number.
All properties located on the south side of a street/road, etc., will be assigned an odd number.
All corner lots will be reserved a number for each street/road, etc., it borders on, which will allow for a building or vacant lot to be numbered according to the front property line.
Lowest numbers will start at the bridge at the Kennebec River and proceed sequentially toward the farthest most points.
NOTE: An exception to the above numbering system will be in circumstances to conform with existing numbering systems in the contiguous towns.
In the event where more than one residence or commercial building is on a lot, the rear dwelling or structure shall be lettered with an A or B. For example, two homes at 452 Main Street, the structure closest to Main Street would be 452, and the rear 452 A. See § 343-7 for additional information regarding more than two structures on a lot.
Upon written notification to do so from the Board of Selectmen or its designee, the owner or occupant of any dwelling or business shall, within 30 days, cause to be affixed to such dwelling or business the designated number. The number shall be of reflective material, not less than three inches in height, and placed on the building in such a manner as to be plainly visible and legible from the street or to a person approaching from the street. Where the building is placed at such a distance from the street or road that a number placed on it is not visible, the number shall be placed on a post or other suitable object in such a manner as to be visible from the street. During the initial phase of numbering, the Town will provide appropriate numbers to all owners or occupants of record, and thereafter as the supply lasts. Subsequent numbers, whether for new structures or replacements, shall be purchased by the owner or occupant but must conform in size and reflectivity. Any person who neglects or refuses to number such structure or erects a number other than that assigned shall cause the proper number to be affixed at the expense of the owner or occupant.
The Board of Selectmen or its designee shall have the sole authorization to provide the name of a new street that is to be maintained by the Town of Madison. However, a subdivision street will also be subject to approval by the Planning Board.
All private roads or ways, serving two or more numbered structures or providing access to other privately owned ways, shall be named, approved by the Selectmen or designee, and a sign that conforms with municipal sign erected bearing that name. The expense of the sign shall be borne by the owner of the property underlying the private road or way. Failure to erect such sign shall cause the proper sign to be erected at the expense of the owner.
The Code Enforcement Officer of the Town of Madison shall have the responsibility of enforcing this chapter. The Town does not wish, however, to impose fines for violations of this chapter. The numbering system will assist the Town in providing services, and failure to comply may make it more difficult to do so. The Town could impose a $10 fine for each day that the resident does not comply with this chapter.
Any persons aggrieved by a decision of the Code Enforcement Officer in the administration or enforcement of this chapter may appeal that decision to the Town of Madison Board of Appeals at any time within 30 days of notification of violation, by informing the Town Clerk, in writing, of said appeal.
Should any section or provision of this chapter be declared by the courts to be invalid, such decision shall not invalidate any other section or provision of this chapter.
This chapter shall become effective immediately upon adoption by vote of the municipal legislative body.