City of Monroe, WI
Green County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Title 1, Administrative

Chapter 1-1 Official City Code

Chapter 1-2 Saving Clause

Chapter 1-3 Definitions

Chapter 1-4 General Penalty

Chapter 1-5 Mayor and Council

Chapter 1-6 City Officers

Chapter 1-7 City Personnel

Chapter 1-8 City Boundaries

Chapter 1-9 Wards

Chapter 1-10 County Supervisory Districts

Chapter 1-11 Continuity of Government

Chapter 1-12 Municipal Reserve Fund

Chapter 1-13 Finance and Tax Procedures

Chapter 1-14 Citations for Code Violations

Chapter 1-15 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap

Chapter 1-16 Code of Ethics for City Officials and Employees

Chapter 1-17 Official City Logo

Title 2, Boards and Commissions

Chapter 2-1 Board of Public Works

Chapter 2-2 Board of Review

Chapter 2-3 Board of Police and Fire Commissioners

Chapter 2-4 City Plan Commission

Chapter 2-5 Zoning Board of Appeals

Chapter 2-6 Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners

Chapter 2-7 Forestry Department

Chapter 2-8 Board of Water Commissioners

Chapter 2-9 Auxiliary Police

Chapter 2-10 Board of Health

Chapter 2-11 Housing Board of Examiners and Appeals

Chapter 2-12 Senior Citizens Board

Chapter 2-13 Claims Committee

Chapter 2-14 Finance and Taxation Committee

Chapter 2-15 Public Safety Committee

Chapter 2-16 Judiciary and Ordinance Review Committee

Chapter 2-17 License Committee

Chapter 2-18 Salary and Personnel Committee

Chapter 2-19 Insurance Committee

Chapter 2-20 Public Property Committee

Chapter 2-21 Community Improvement Committee

Chapter 2-22 Airport Board of Management

Chapter 2-23 Visitors and Promotion Board

Chapter 2-24 Fair Housing Committee

Chapter 2-25 Ethics Board

Chapter 2-26 Information Technology Committee

Title 3, Business Regulations

Chapter 3-1 Amusements

Chapter 3-2 Amusement Devices

Chapter 3-3 Bowling Alleys

Chapter 3-4 Alcohol Beverages

Chapter 3-5 License and Permit Revocations Suspensions and Refusals

Chapter 3-6 Auctions

Chapter 3-7 Vendors

Chapter 3-8 Taxicabs

Chapter 3-9 Sidewalk Cafes

Chapter 3-10 Dance Licenses

Chapter 3-11 Miscellaneous License Regulations

Chapter 3-12 Weights and Measures

Chapter 3-13 Special Events

Chapter 3-14 Room Tax

Chapter 3-15 Electronic Alarms

Chapter 3-16 Public Assemblies

Title 4, Building Regulations

Chapter 4-1 Building Code

Chapter 4-2 Electrical Code

Chapter 4-3 Plumbing Code

Chapter 4-4 Housing and Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 4-5 Swimming Pools

Chapter 4-6 Use of Natural Gas

Title 5, Zoning Regulations

Chapter 5-1 General Zoning Provisions

Chapter 5-2 Definitions Regulations

Chapter 5-3 R-1 Single-Family Residence District

Chapter 5-4 R-2 Medium Density Residential District

Chapter 5-5 R-3 Multiple Family Residence District

Chapter 5-6 A-1 Mobile Home Parks and A-2 Subdivisions

Chapter 5-7 B-1 Central Business District

Chapter 5-8 B-2 General Business District

Chapter 5-9 M-1 Light Industrial District

Chapter 5-10 M-2 Heavy Industrial District

Chapter 5-10.5 M-3 Industrial Park District

Chapter 5-10.7 Pud Planned Unit Development District

Chapter 5-11 Traffic Parking and Access

Chapter 5-12 Nonconforming Uses

Chapter 5-13 Changes and Amendments

Chapter 5-14 Bufferyards

Chapter 5-15 Floodplain Regulations

Chapter 5-16 Fair Housing

Chapter 5-17 Historic Preservation

Chapter 5-18 Storm Water Management and Construction Site Erosion Control

Title 6, Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 6-1 General Provisions and Procedures

Chapter 6-2 Preliminary and Final Plat Requirements

Chapter 6-3 Required Improvements

Chapter 6-4 Design Standards and Requirements

Chapter 6-5 Modifications and Exceptions Enforcement

Chapter 6-6 Minor Subdivisions

Title 7, Fire Regulations

Chapter 7-1 Fire Department

Chapter 7-2 Fire Prevention Limits and Regulations

Chapter 7-3 Explosives and Flammable Substances

Chapter 7-4 Rapid Entry Key Lock Box System

Chapter 7-5 Outdoor Burning Open Burning and Burning of Refuse

Title 8, Health and Sanitation

Chapter 8-1 General Health and Sanitation Regulations

Chapter 8-2 Milk and Milk Products

Chapter 8-3 Solid Waste Recycling and Disposal

Chapter 8-4 Monroe Water Utility

Chapter 8-5 City Sewer Service

Chapter 8-6 Objectionable Materials

Chapter 8-7 Storm Water Utility

Chapter 8-8 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Title 9, Police Regulations

Chapter 9-1 Police Department

Chapter 9-2 Animal Control Regulations

Chapter 9-3 Uniform Forfeiture Classifications

Chapter 9-4 General Offenses

Chapter 9-5 Abandoned Vehicles

Title 10, Traffic Regulations

Chapter 10-1 Definitions

Chapter 10-2 Traffic Code

Chapter 10-3 Bicycle Regulations

Chapter 10-4 Play Vehicles Regulations

Chapter 10-5 Use and Operation of Snowmobiles

Chapter 10-6 All-Terrain Vehicles

Chapter 10-7 Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Title 11, Public Ways and Property

Chapter 11-1 Streets Alleys and Sidewalks

Chapter 11-2 Street Names and Numbering System

Chapter 11-3 Public Parks and Recreation Facilities

Chapter 11-4 Trees and Shrubs

Chapter 11-5 Dutch Elm Disease

Chapter 11-6 Municipal Airport

Chapter 11-7 Cable Television