Township of Franklin, NJ
Hunterdon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Board may prepare and, after public hearing, adopt or amend a Master Plan (hereafter in this Article III referred to as simply "the plan'') or parts thereof to guide the use of land within the Township in a manner that protects public health and safety and promotes the general welfare.
The plan shall generally comprise a report or statement of land use and development proposals, with maps, diagrams and text, presenting, where appropriate, the following elements:
A statement of objectives, principles, assumptions, policies and standards upon which the constituent proposals for the physical, economic and social development of the Township are based.
A land use plan element:
Taking into account the other plan elements and natural conditions, including but not necessarily limited to topography, soil conditions, water supply, drainage, floodplain areas, marshes and woodlands.
Showing the existing and proposed location, extent and intensity of development of land to be used in the future for varying types of residential, commercial, agricultural, recreational, educational and other public and private purposes or combination of purposes.
Showing the existing and proposed location of any airports and the boundaries of any airport hazard areas delineated pursuant to the Air Safety and Hazardous Zoning Act (N.J.S.A. 6:1-80 et seq.).
Including a statement of the standards of population density and development intensity recommended for the Township.
A housing plan element, including but not limited to residential standards and proposals for construction and improvements of housing.
A circulation plan element showing location and types of facilities for all modes of transportation required for efficient movement of people and goods into, about and through the Township.
A utility service plan element analyzing the need for and showing the future general location of water supply and distribution facilities, drainage and flood control facilities, sewage and waste treatment, solid waste disposal and provisions for other related utilities.
A community facilities plan element showing the location and type of educational or cultural facilities, historic sites, libraries, hospitals, firehouses, police stations and other related facilities, including their relation to the surrounding areas.
A recreation plan element showing a comprehensive system of areas and public sites for recreation.
A conservation plan element providing for preservation, conservation and utilization of natural resources, including, to the extent appropriate, open space, water, forests, soil, marshes, wetlands, rivers and other waters, fisheries, wildlife and other natural resources.
An energy conservation plan element which systematically analyzes the impact of each other component and element of the plan on the present and future use of energy in the Township, details specific measures contained in the other plan elements designed to reduce energy consumption and proposes other measures that the Township may take to reduce energy consumption and provide for the maximum utilization of renewable energy sources.
Appendixes and/or separate reports containing the technical foundation for the plan and its constituent elements.
The plan and its elements may be divided into subplans and subplan elements projected according to periods of time or staging sequences.
The plan shall include a specific policy statement indicating the relationship of the proposed Township development in the plan to:
The Master Plans of contiguous municipalities.
The County Master Plan.
The State Development and Redevelopment Plan adopted pursuant to the State Planning Act (N.J.S.A. 52:18A-196 et seq.
[Amended 10-31-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-12]
Whenever the Board shall have adopted any portion of the plan, the Township Committee or other public agency having jurisdiction over the subject matter, before taking action necessitating the expenditure of public funds incidental to the location, character or extent of a project, shall refer the action involving such specific project to the Board for review and recommendation in conjunction with such plan and shall not act thereon without such recommendation or until 45 days have elapsed after such reference without receipt of such recommendation. This requirement shall apply to action by a housing, parking, highway, special district or other authority, redevelopment agency, school board or other similar public agency, state, county or Township.