City of Hackensack, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 6-18-1934 by Ord. No. 215]
[Amended 1-7-1985 by Ord. No. 33-84]
Definitions. As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
[Amended 6-28-2016 by Ord. No. 24-2016]
An animal control center or animal shelter, maintained by or under contract with any state, county, or municipality, whose mission and practice is, in whole, or significant part, the rescue and placement of animals in permanent homes or rescue organizations.
Any not-for-profit organization which has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, whose mission and practice is, in whole or in significant part, the rescue and placement of animals in permanent homes.
A member of the species of domestic cat, Felis catus.
A member of the species of domestic dog, Canis familiaris.
Any business, shop, establishment, property or place which harbors, keeps or maintains five or more dogs, cats, psittacine birds or similar animals that can be kept as pets or offers to sell any of the aforesaid animals to the general public at retail. Such definition shall not include an animal care facility or animal rescue organization, as defined.
To sell, offer for sale or adoption, advertise for the sale of, barter, auction, give away or otherwise dispose of a dog or cat.
License required. No person shall keep or operate or engage in the business of operating a pet shop, kennel or pound within the City of Hackensack without first having secured a license therefor in accordance with the terms of this Article.
Applications for licenses required by § 52-17 of this Article shall be made to the Health Department and, in addition to the information required by § 107-6B of Chapter 107, Licenses and Permits, shall describe the premises where the establishment is located or proposed to be located and be accompanied by the written approval of the New Jersey State Department of Health showing compliance with local ordinances and state rules and regulations governing the location of and sanitation at such establishments.
Licenses under this Article shall be issued by the Health Department.
The annual fee for licenses issued under this Article shall be as set forth in Chapter 107, Licenses and Permits.
All licenses issued under this Article shall expire on January 31 of each year.
License fees collected under this Article shall be received and disposed of in the manner provided by N.J.R.S. 4:19-15.11, as amended and supplemented.
The Registrar of Vital Statistics shall forward to the State Department of Health a list of all kennels, pet shops, dog shelters or pounds licensed within 30 days after the licenses therefor are issued, which list shall include the name and address of each licensee and the kind of license issued.
[Amended 6-28-2016 by Ord. No. 24-2016]
A pet shop may offer for sale only those dogs and cats that the pet shop has obtained from or displays in cooperation with:
An animal care facility; or
An animal rescue organization.
A pet shop shall not offer for sale a dog or cat that is younger than eight weeks old.
No dog kept in a kennel, pet shop, dog shelter or pound shall be permitted off such premises except on leash or in a crate or under other safe control.
This Article shall not be applicable to an establishment conducted by a duly licensed veterinarian.