Borough of Paulsboro, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Borough Council shall appoint a Zoning Administrative Officer to enforce the provisions of this ordinance. It shall be his duty to examine all applications for permits, issue permits only for construction and uses which are in accordance with the requirements of this ordinance, record and file for public record all applications for permits with any accompanying plans and documents and make such reports as the Borough Council may require. Permits for construction and uses which are a special exception or variance to requirements of this ordinance shall be issued only upon order of the Board of Adjustment. Nothing herein contained shall require any change in plans or construction of a lawful use for which a building permit has been issued.
A permit shall be required prior to the erection or structural alteration of any building, structure or portion thereof and prior to the use or change in use of a building or land, and prior to the change or extension of a nonconforming use. Applications for permits shall be made in writing to the Zoning Administrative Officer on such forms as may be furnished by the Borough. Such application shall contain all information necessary for the Zoning Administrative Officer to ascertain whether the proposed erection, alteration, use or change in use complies with the provisions of this ordinance. In the case of uses or buildings which require approval of the New Jersey Department of Labor, copies of the application and plans furnished to such agency shall meet the terms of this section.
Permits shall be granted or refused within 14 days after the written application has been filed with the Zoning Administrative Officer. Upon completion of the erection or alteration of any building or portion thereof authorized by any permit, and prior to occupancy or use, the holder of such permit shall notify the Zoning Administrative Officer of such completion. No permit shall be considered complete or permanently effective until the Zoning Administrative Officer has certified that the work has been inspected and approved as being in conformity with the provisions of this ordinance and other applicable ordinances.
[Amended 6-28-1966 by Ord. No. 463; 2-20-2001 by Ord. No. 05.01]
The following fees shall be charged, to be collected by the Zoning Officer or Secretary of the Planning Board and then turned over to the Borough Treasurer each month, for the following permits and procedures:
Zoning permit for the erection or structural alteration of any building, structure or portion thereof, the sum of $40.
[Amended 10-5-1999 by Ord. No. 08.99; 4-2-2013 by Ord. No. 02.13]
Filing application for a permit for the extension of a nonconforming use, the sum of $25.
Filing applications for the granting of a variance or special exception with regard to one parcel of property, the sum of $35.
Filing an application under § 80-42 to obtain a permit to construct multiple dwellings or apartments in R-2 Residential, C-1 Commercial, C-1A Commercial or C-2 Commercial Districts, the sum of $100.
In addition to the foregoing, applicants shall be charged for the estimated or actual cost of any advertising that is necessary under the procedure to consider and act upon any of the foregoing applications for permits for the extension of nonconforming, granting of a variance or the erection of multiple dwellings or apartments for the cost thereof, plus 10% for handling charges. The estimated cost of advertising shall be paid to the Secretary before any hearing is held and any final action on the matter is taken. In addition thereto, the Secretary shall also obtain from the applicant the cost of mailing any notices to any parties or persons involved which are required to be mailed by certified or registered mail.