Borough of Riverdale, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-15-2006 by Ord. No. 10-2006; amended in its entirety 7-26-2017 by Ord. No. 11-2017]
Connection fees.
Water. The fee for a connection to the public water supply shall be $1,500.
Sewer. The fee for a connection to the sanitary sewer system shall be $4,000 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU). Every dwelling unit, either single- or multifamily, shall be considered one EDU. The determination of EDU for connections other than dwelling units shall be based upon the design flow rate, utilizing the design criteria suggested by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection or such other established and reliable sources, including but not limited to N.J.A.C. 7:14A-23.3, using a single EDU flow rate of 300 gallons per day and rounded to the next highest EDU. The minimum connection fee shall be the fee for one EDU.
Application fee for connection to the public sewer.
Application fees for residential users shall be $250 per residential unit. This is in addition to the connection fees.
Application fees for nonresidential users shall be $500 per user. This is in addition to any connection and/or allocation fees.
The application fee shall be waived for connections made within 12 months from the date a notice is sent authorizing a connection to the sewer system as a result of the installation of new sewer lines.
[Added 2-28-2018 by Ord. No. 1-2018]
Sewer user fees shall be as follows:
The fee for all users, except for those whose sanitary sewer service requires the use of a sewer pump station, shall be at a rate of $14 per 1,000 gallons of water supplied.
Residential dwellings (Each multifamily unit shall be deemed a separate unit.) and other uses requiring an allocation of 300 gallons or less per day: $480 per year.
All uses requiring an allocation of greater than 300 gallons per day: The rate shall be determined based upon the amount of water supplied by the water system of the Borough, as determined by an average of the meter readings of the fourth and first quarters. The rate shall be $14 per thousand gallons of water supplied, with a minimum of $480 per year.
Water user fees. The following rents, rates and charges are hereby established for water supplied by the Borough.
Fixed charge.
The fixed charge established herein shall be payable in four installments billed quarterly. The fixed charge for all residential meters shall be $80 per year. Multifamily structures without individual unit meters shall be billed $80 per year per each individual unit.
The fixed charge for all nonresidential meters shall be based on meter size and is established as follows:
Meter Size
Fixed Annual Rate
1 1/2 and 2
3 and 4
User fees apply to each meter. Nondwelling and common area meters are considered nonresidential. Residential use is limited to those meters servicing a dwelling unit.
Meter charge.
The meter charge for any fraction of 1,000 gallons shall be $3.90. Billing shall occur four times per year on a quarterly basis.
Those meters serviced by the Passaic Valley Water Commission Pump House on Mathews Avenue shall also incur a surcharge of $0.60 per 1,000 gallons for electric charges related to water service.
The meter charge for any multifamily complex with more than 20 units which are not individually metered shall be $3.40 for any fraction of 1,000 gallons. Billing shall occur four times per year on a quarterly basis.
All rents, rates and charges not paid within 30 days of billing shall be subject to an interest charge of 8% per annum.
The water rate for senior citizens (those persons who qualify for a senior citizen real property tax abatement) shall be $96 per year in total.
The owner of any house, building or lot shall be liable for the payment of any rents, charges and costs for the use of water by such owner or by the occupier and for the installation purchase price, repair and testing of any water meter, water service, connections, appliances or parts, and renewals thereof, heretofore or hereafter furnished by the Borough. The rent, charges and costs, including interest, shall be a lien upon such house, tenement, building or lot until paid in full.
Water shall be shut off from any house, tenement, building or lot if any required payments are more than 30 days late. Notice of the Borough's intention to shut off water shall be given to the owner or occupier of the affected premises at least 15 days prior to shutting off the water. Notice shall be given to the name and address as it appears on the account.
Where a water service connection has been permitted for a fire sprinkler system, the charge shall be $250 per quarter, payable as provided above and subject to the above terms regarding late payment and discontinuance of water service.
There shall be a charge of $300 per year per hydrant connected to the public water system.
Bulk water shall be sold at a rate established by contract.