Township of Mount Joy, PA
Lancaster County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Mount Joy 2-21-2005 by Ord. No. CCII. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Park and Recreation Board — See Ch. 29.
Animals — See Ch. 52.
Outdoor burning — See Ch. 60.
These regulations are established to govern the conduct of members of the public in parks and recreational facilities and other properties established and/or maintained by the Township and to protect and preserve public property.
The following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
For athletic events and use of athletic fields, GEARS. For all other uses of Township property, including but not limited to park pavilions, the Board of Supervisors or its designee.
The Board of Supervisors of the Township or its designee.
Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation and Community Services.
Any individual, corporation, association, partnership, firm, trust, estate or legal entity whatsoever which is recognized by the law as the subject of rights and duties.
Northwest Regional Lancaster County Police Department or any successor entity providing police protection services within the Township.
The Township of Mount Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Any real estate owned or leased or maintained in whole by the Township or jointly by the Township and any other entity.
As used in this chapter, words expressed in the singular include their plural meaning, and words expressed in the plural include their singular meaning. Words in the masculine gender include the feminine gender and the neuter.
[Amended 2-16-2015 by Ord. No. 292-2015; 8-20-2018 by Ord. No. 315-2018]
From and after the enactment of this chapter, the following regulations shall be in effect for the proper conduct or behavior of all persons using any facilities of the Township or being upon any Township property:
Possession or use of intoxicating beverages and controlled substances upon Township property is prohibited. Persons under the influence of intoxicating beverages and/or controlled substances shall not be permitted on Township property.
All cans, bottles, broken glass, paper or rubbish of any description shall be removed from the site by the person or party that generated same before leaving the Township property or placed in trash receptacles if provided. Dumping of any materials on Township property is prohibited.
No person shall operate snowmobiles, minibikes, go-carts, dirt bikes or other unregistered motorized land or air vehicles other than motorized wheelchairs at any place upon Township property.
No person shall park, or allow to be parked, any vehicle on Township property unless such person is legally and actively utilizing such Township property, engaged in business with the Township, or has received special permission from the applicable approval authority or is using the trail systems connected to Township property. No person shall park or allow to be parked any vehicle overnight on Township property without the prior express permission of the Township.
Any person bringing any animal onto Township property shall keep such animal on a leash at all times and shall be in control of the animal at all times. Any person bringing an animal, including horses, onto any Township property shall be responsible for the proper removal and disposal of all fecal matter.
No person shall bring any animal, except a service animal, into any improved tot-lot or similar play area.
No horseback riding shall be permitted on any Township property except where there is a designated horse trail.
No person shall kindle any open fire on any Township property. Persons may use gas stoves for grilling on Township property where picnic tables are provided. Charcoal stoves shall not be permitted on any Township property.
No person shall stand or park any vehicle except at those places designated therefor.
No person shall break, cut, deface, disturb, injure or take any flower, fruit, plant, tree, shrub, bench, building, fence, monuments, or other structure, apparatus or property located on Township property.
No person shall discharge within any Township property any firearms, as that term is defined by § 6120(b) of the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, except for the justifiable use of force as authorized by Chapter 5 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. No person shall use or possess within any Township property any bow and arrow, crossbow, slingshot, air rifle or any other device (other than firearms as defined above) capable of throwing any projectile of any sort, including the hand throwing of rocks or stones intended to be used as weapons. This section shall not be operative in any specific area now designated or to be designated in the future by the Township as a rifle range, archery range, or any other specific area whose purpose is to allow the activities otherwise prohibited by this section.
No person shall engage in any violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, vulgar, lewd, wanton, obscene or otherwise disorderly conduct tending to create a breach of the peace or to disturb or annoy others while in or on any Township property. No person shall commit any indecent or immoral act intending to debauch the morals or manners of the public while in or on any Township property.
No person shall golf on Township property.
No person shall gamble on Township property.
No person shall engage in camping on Township property.
No person shall peddle or solicit business of any nature whatsoever on Township property without written Township authorization.
No person shall operate electric generators or chain saws or other powered implements on Township property other than Township employees and Township contractors.
Rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards and scooters may be operated on trails and parking lots only. Any rider must be in control of his or her vehicle and shall grant the right-of-way to pedestrians.
No person shall have or conduct any live musical, theatrical or other entertainment or exhibit, instruct, compete, demonstrate or allow a special event unless authorized by the applicable approval authority and unless all necessary permits have been obtained. Notwithstanding the foregoing, acoustical music shall be permitted.
No person shall injure, deface or destroy any posted or permanently fixed signs or notices.
No person shall smoke on any Township property.
No person shall violate any posted rules for or misuse any picnic area, playfield, or other recreational area.
No person shall commit any unlawful act as designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the Township.
No person shall possess fireworks or pyrotechnic devices on any Township property. No person shall discharge or set off any fireworks or pyrotechnic devices on any Township property.
Township property shall be open to the public from dawn to dusk each day unless different hours are established by the applicable approval authority.
All facilities in Township parks are available for the use of the general public. Individual facilities may be reserved by contacting the applicable approval authority and by paying the fee as set forth from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. A security deposit may be required for the use of facilities in Township parks.
The applicable approval authority may, by resolution, from time to time establish additional rules and regulations and, if it so desires, alter, amend and supplement the rules and regulations herein established for the operation, use and protection of the Township property. Such rules and regulations may include but shall not be limited to regulations governing the times for presence of persons therein, the nature and extent of the permitted and prohibited uses thereof, and such other matters as the applicable approval authority may deem necessary or proper for the protection of the Township property and the persons and properties therein.
This chapter may be enforced by any Officer of the Police Department.
Any person convicted of a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof before a district justice, be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $600 and the cost of prosecution for each and every offense, plus the cost of all damages inflicted upon Township property.