Borough of Norristown, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: [1]Adopted by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Norristown as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire Department — See Ch. 27.
Uniform construction codes — See Ch. 132.
Fire insurance claims — See Ch. 157.
Hazardous substances — See Ch. 180.
Kerosene heating units — See Ch. 198.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 239.
Editor's Note: Former Ch. 159, Fire Prevention, adopted 2-3-1987 by Ord. No. 87-5, as amended, was superseded 3-2-2004 by Ord. No. 04-05.
[Adopted 6-17-2008 by Ord. No. 08-15]
Regular fire inspections of all commercial structures and/or businesses may be conducted by the Norristown Fire Department, as outlined below. All inspections shall be conducted in conformance with the protections guaranteed businesses and/or individuals in the United States and Pennsylvania Constitution(s).
The following commercial properties and/or businesses are subject to annual fire inspections:
Structures containing fire-protection systems equipment which includes automatic fire sprinkler systems, standpipes, fire extinguishing systems for spray booths and commercial cooking hoods and automatic or manual fire alarm systems.
Places of assembly.
Occupancies that involve the manufacturing, processing, generation or storage of materials that constitutes a fire, explosion or health hazard.
Day-care centers, nurseries, assisted living facilities, health care centers and nursing homes.
Places that require a special license or permit, including bars, restaurants, beer distributors, temporary membrane structures, tents and canopies.
Common areas and occupancies in a mall greater than 5,000 square feet.
All other commercial properties and/or businesses may have a routine tire inspection every three years.
The Fire Department of Norristown shall notify the property or business owner of its intent to inspect the property or business al least five days prior to the inspection. Such notification shall be in the form of written communication or by phone.
Alter the inspection, the Fire Department shall submit any violations in writing to the property or business owner or agent. The owner or agent must correct any violations within a time frame set by the Fire Department. Reinspections shall be conducted every 30 days until all of the violations have been corrected. If the violation is deemed as a life-safety hazard, then the Fire Official or Inspector may notify the property or business owner or agent that the violation must be corrected immediately or the property will be closed until the violation is corrected.
Plans for new construction, remodeling, or additions to any commercial structure or business shall be submitted to the Norristown Fire Department for its approval.
A fee shall be paid for the inspection which shall be set by resolution of Municipal Council.
[Adopted 5-22-2019 by Ord. No. 19-02[1]]
Editor's Note: This ordinance also repealed former Art. II, Adoption of Standards, adopted 2-16-2010 by Ord. No. 10-04, as amended.
A certain document, three copies of which are on file in the office of the Fire Chief of Norristown, being marked and designated as the International Fire Code, 2015 edition, including all Appendix Chapters as published by the International Code Council, be and is hereby adopted as the Fire Code of the Municipality of Norristown in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulating and governing the safeguarding of life and property from fire and explosion hazards arising from the storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices, and from conditions hazardous to life or property in the occupancy of buildings and premises as herein provided; providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefor; and each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties, conditions and terms of said Fire Code on file in the office of the Fire Chief of the Municipality of Norristown and hereby referred to, adopted, and made a part hereof, as if fully set out in this article with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes, if any, prescribed in § 159-5 of this article.
The following sections are hereby revised:
Section 101.1. Insert: Municipality of Norristown.
Section 109.4. Insert: Summary Offense, $1,000 and 30 days.
Section 111.4. Insert: $300 and $1,000.
Amend the following section as follows.
507.5.3 Private fire service mains and water tanks. Private fire service mains and water tanks shall be periodically inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25 at the following intervals:
Private fire hydrants (all types): inspection annually and after each operation; flow test and maintenance annually. A copy of the written inspection report shall be forwarded to the Norristown Fire Department Fire Marshal’s office.
Fire service main piping: inspection of exposed, annually; flow test every 5 years.
Fire service main piping strainers: inspection and maintenance after each use.
All privately owned and maintained fire hydrants shall have the body and caps painted yellow.
The geographic limits referred to in certain sections of the 2015 International Fire Code are hereby established as follows:
Section 5704. The storage of Class I and II liquids in aboveground tanks outside of buildings is prohibited within the Municipality of Norristown.
Section 5706.2.4.4: The storage of Class I and II liquids in aboveground tanks is prohibited within the Municipality of Norristown.
Section 5806. 2: The storage of flammable cryogenic fluids in stationary containers is prohibited within the Municipality of Norristown.
Section 6104. 2: The storage of liquefied petroleum gas is restricted for the protection of heavily populated or congested areas within the Municipality of Norristown.
Any reference to the Uniform Construction Code is hereby excluded as well as any article pertaining to new construction. The intent of this article is to regulate existing structures and any reference in this Code to new construction or construction otherwise regulated under The Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (Pa. Act 45 of 1999)[1] is hereby excluded.
Editor's Note: See 35 P.S. § 7210.101 et seq.
Nothing in this article or in the Fire Code hereby adopted shall be constructed to affect any suit or proceeding pending in any court, or any rights acquired, or liability incurred, or any causes of action acquired or existing, under any act or ordinance hereby repealed as cited in this article, nor shall any just or legal right or remedy of any character be lost, impaired or affected by this article.
Section 308.1.4 of the 2015 International Fire Code is amended to remove Exceptions 1, 2 and 3.