Town of Bloomsburg, PA
Columbia County
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[Ord. 892, 12/12/2005]
The Town of Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, hereby directs, authorizes and empowers the Committee (Columbia County Sanitary Administrative Committee) to administer all sections of Act 537[1] described in Section 6(c)(1) and Section 13.2(b) including the following:
Accept applications for, make the required inspections, and issue, deny, or revoke permits pursuant to the requirements of the Act aforesaid, for and on behalf of the municipality;
Appoint one or more Sewage Enforcement Officer(s) to make, on behalf of this municipality, the required inspections within the said municipality and to receive applications for and issue in the name of said municipality, permits as provided for by said Act or deny or revoke the same;
To collect on behalf of this municipality the permit fees that shall be fixed by said Committee and adopted by this municipality, which permit fees shall be turned over to said Committee, this municipality further agreeing to turn over to the Committee all monies appropriated by or paid to said municipality in connection with the carrying out of the provisions of the Act aforesaid;
To employ such office staff, consultants, legal advisors and field help as it deems proper, insofar as its budget shall permit;
Through its Sewage Enforcement Officer(s), to institute such legal proceedings as it deems necessary or as advisable to insure compliance with the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, as amended.
Editor's Note: The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act of January 24, 1966, P.L. 1535, Act No. 537.
[Ord. 892, 12/12/2005]
The Town of Bloomsburg, in furtherance of the implementation of this regional program, hereby constitutes and appoints one representative of said municipality to serve as a member of the Committee, said appointment to continue in full force and effect until such time as said municipality withdraws from the program or until such person ceases to be an elected official of the governing body.
[Ord. 892, 12/12/2005]
The Town of Bloomsburg hereby directs, authorizes and empowers the Committee to establish an appeals board, including the appointment of members thereto, to conduct hearings in the event of the denial or revocation of any permit, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, for and on behalf of this municipality.
[Ord. 892, 12/12/2005]
Said Committee shall present a proposed annual budget no later than November 30 at the semiannual Administrative Committee Meeting, at which time the budget is to be adopted as presented, or revised and, then adopted. The new budget will become effective January 1 of the following year.
[Ord. 892, 12/12/2005]
Said Committee shall furnish this municipality with an annual audit of its books and records.