Town of Bethel, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted 11-6-1973; amended 11-4-1975. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Incorporation and General Powers

§ C1-1 Incorporation.

§ C1-2 Rights and Obligations.

§ C1-3 General Grant of Powers.

Article II Elections and Offices

§ C2-1 State and Federal Officers.

§ C2-2 Town Officers.

§ C2-3 Minority Representation.

§ C2-4 Tied and Contested Elections.

§ C2-5 Eligibility For Office.

Article III Elected Officers

§ C3-1 General Powers and Duties.

§ C3-2 Terms in Office.

§ C3-3 Vacancies.

§ C3-4 Board of Selectmen.

§ C3-5 Board of Finance.

§ C3-6 Board of Education.

§ C3-7 Board of Assessment Appeals.

§ C3-8 Planning and Zoning Commission.

§ C3-9 Planning and Zoning Commission Alternates.

§ C3-10 Zoning Board of Appeals.

§ C3-11 Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates.

§ C3-12 Town Clerk.

§ C3-13 Town Treasurer.

§ C3-14 Inland Wetlands Commission.

§ C3-15 Inland Wetlands Commission Alternates.

§ C3-16 Police Commission.

Article IV Board of Selectmen

§ C4-1 Composition.

§ C4-2 Meetings and procedures.

§ C4-3 Duties and Responsibilities.

§ C4-4 Power to Enact Ordinances.

§ C4-5 Power to Enact Emergency Ordinances.

§ C4-6 Advisory Questions.

§ C4-7 Additional Powers.

Article V First Selectman

§ C5-1 Nature of Office.

§ C5-2 Duties.

§ C5-3 Delegation of Duties.

§ C5-4 Acting First Selectman.

Article VI Town Meeting

§ C6-1 Composition.

§ C6-2 Procedure.

§ C6-3 Annual Town Budget Meeting.

§ C6-4 Actions Requiring Special Town Meetings.

§ C6-5 Petition for Overrule.

§ C6-6 Petition for Special Town Meeting.

§ C6-7 Correcting Form of Ordinance.

§ C6-8 Action Requiring Referendum.

Article VII Appointed Boards and Commissions

§ C7-1 Appointments by Board of Selectmen.

§ C7-2 Terms of Office.

§ C7-3 Minority Representation.

§ C7-4 Appointment.

§ C7-5 (Reserved)

§ C7-6 (Reserved)

§ C7-7 Park and Recreation Commission.

§ C7-8 Ethics Commission.

§ C7-9 Youth Commission.

§ C7-10 Public Site and Building Commission.

§ C7-11 Public Utilities Commission.

§ C7-12 Commission of the Aging.

§ C7-13 Library Board of Directors.

§ C7-14 Economic Development Commission.

§ C7-15 Insurance and Pension Plan Commission.

Article VIII Administrative Officers and Departments

§ C8-1 Officers and Departments.

§ C8-2 Vacancies.

§ C8-3 Tax Collector.

§ C8-4 Assessor.

§ C8-5 Director of Civil Preparedness.

§ C8-6 Director of Health.

§ C8-7 Fire Marshal.

§ C8-8 Town Attorneys.

§ C8-9 Department of Public Works.

§ C8-10 Town Engineer.

§ C8-11 Building Official.

§ C8-12 Police Department.

§ C8-13 Comptroller.

Article IX Procedures and Conduct of Officers and Employees

§ C9-1 General Board Procedure.

§ C9-2 Code of Ethics.

§ C9-3 Conflicts of Interest.

§ C9-4 Merit System.

Article X Finance and Taxation

§ C10-1 Fiscal Year.

§ C10-2 Preparation of Budget.

§ C10-3 Preparation of Taxes.

§ C10-4 Special Appropriations and Transfers of Appropriations.

§ C10-5 Capital and Nonrecurring Expenditures.

§ C10-6 Expenditures and Accounting.

§ C10-7 Borrowing.

§ C10-8 Fund Balance.

§ C10-9 Salaries.

Article XI Miscellaneous Provisions

§ C11-1 Transfer of Powers.

§ C11-2 Present Employees.

§ C11-3 Transfer of Records and Property.

§ C11-4 Continuation of Appropriations and Town Funds.

§ C11-5 Legal Proceedings.

§ C11-6 Existing Laws and Ordinances.

§ C11-7 Review of Amendment of Charter.

§ C11-8 Saving Clause.

§ C11-9 Word Usage.

§ C11-10 Effective Date.

§ C11-11 Meetings.