Township of Cheltenham, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved 11-1-1976. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Name, Boundaries and Powers

§ C101 Name.

§ C102 Boundaries.

§ C103 Grant of powers.

§ C104 Construction of powers.

Article II Definitions and Rules of Construction

§ C201 Definitions.

§ C202 Rules of construction.

Article III Township Board of Commissioners

§ C301 Vesting of powers.

§ C302 Composition and wards.

§ C303 Terms.

§ C304 Election.

§ C305 Redistricting.

§ C306 Qualifications of Commissioners.

§ C307 Compensation.

§ C308 Vacancies.

§ C309 Filling of vacancies.

§ C310 Oath of office.

Article IV Operation and Procedures of the Board

§ C401 Organization of the Board.

§ C402 Meetings.

§ C403 Rule of procedure.

§ C404 Quorum and majority action.

§ C405 Form of action by the Board.

§ C406 Minutes.

§ C407 Inquiries and investigation.

Article V Ordinances

§ C501 General ordinance requirements.

§ C502 Penalty.

§ C503 Recording of ordinances and resolutions.

§ C504 Codification of ordinances.

§ C505 Emergency ordinances.

Article VI Board President

§ C601 Functions.

§ C602 Duties.

§ C603 Vice President.

§ C604 Removal.

§ C605 Vacancy.

Article VII Township Manager

§ C701 Functions, appointments, qualifications and compensation.

§ C702 Powers and duties.

§ C703 Removal or nonrenewal.

§ C704 Contract.

§ C705 Acting Township Manager.

Article VIII Finance Officer

§ C801 Elected Finance Officer; term; qualifications.

§ C802 Election.

§ C803 Duties.

§ C804 Vacancy.

§ C805 Compensation.

§ C806 Termination.

Article IX Township Controller

§ C901 Appointment, function, qualifications and compensation.

§ C902 Acting Controller.

§ C903 Removal.

Article X Township Solicitor

§ C1001 Appointment, function, qualifications and compensation.

§ C1002 Removal.

Article XI Operation of Township

§ C1101 Township departments and offices.

§ C1102 Administrative Code.

§ C1103 Surety bonds.

§ C1104 Personnel system.

§ C1105 Personnel Code.

§ C1106 Fair hiring practices.

§ C1107 Prohibition of political activity.

§ C1108 Independent audits.

§ C1109 Representation of others.

§ C1110 Financial interest in matters involving the township.

§ C1111 Gifts or favors.

§ C1112 Disclosure and use of confidential information.

§ C1113 Penalties.

§ C1114 Code of Ethics.

Article XII Financial Administration

§ C1201 Fiscal year.

§ C1202 Definition and form of budgets and programs and classification of accounts.

§ C1203 Budget message.

§ C1204 Financial plan; proposed budgets.

§ C1205 Adoption of budget.

§ C1206 Amendments of budget during fiscal year.

§ C1207 Contracts.

§ C1208 Disbursements.

§ C1209 Records and reports.

§ C1210 Financial limitations.

§ C1211 Pension fund limitations.

Article XIII Citizens' Groups

§ C1301 Creation and functions.

§ C1302 Appointments; term of office.

§ C1303 Operation.

§ C1304 Civil Service Commission.

§ C1305 Planning Commission.

§ C1306 (Reserved)

§ C1307 Library Board.

§ C1308 (Reserved)

§ C1309 Applicability to specifically designated entities.

§ C1310 Members of Board may serve on citizens' groups.

Article XIV Citizen Participation in Township Government

§ C1401 Declaration of principles.

§ C1402 Public right to information.

§ C1403 Subscription rights.

§ C1404 Availability of state of the township message.

§ C1405 Annual report of Board.

§ C1406 Citizen's right to be heard.

§ C1407 Township Information and Complaint Officer.

§ C1408 General authority.

§ C1409 Procedures.

§ C1410 Action on petitions.

§ C1411 Results of election.

§ C1412 Limited initiative.

§ C1413 Officers subject to recall.

§ C1414 Recall procedure.

§ C1415 Notice to incumbent.

§ C1416 Recall election.

§ C1417 Resignation to terminate recall.

§ C1418 Disqualification for office.

§ C1419 Limitations.

Article XV Transitional and General Provisions

§ C1501 Effective date of Charter.

§ C1502 Existing elected officers.

§ C1503 Officers and employees.

§ C1504 Citizens' groups.

§ C1505 Continuation of ordinances.

§ C1506 Continuation of township rights and liabilities.

§ C1507 Severability.

§ C1508 Amendments.

§ C1509 Name.