City of Hornell, NY
Steuben County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Legislature of the State of New York by Chapter 208 of the Laws of 1906. Sections C-1, C-11, C-12, C-13, C-14, C-15, C-17, C-33, C-51, C-55, C-55.1, C-70, C-77, C-80, C-81, C-82, C-85, C-88, C-93, C-98, C-99, C-102, C-104, C-105a, C-109, C-115, C-121, C-123, C-171, C-190, C-196, C-197a, C-210, C-213 and C-320 amended by the Common Council of the City of Hornell at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II. Other amendments noted where applicable.]
TITLE I Boundaries and Civil Divisions

§ C-1 City boundaries.

§ C-2 Corporate capacity, name and powers.

§ C-3 Ward boundaries.

§ C-4 Election districts.

§ C-5 through § C-9. (Reserved)

TITLE II Officers

§ C-10 Continuation in office.

§ C-11 Elective officers.

§ C-12 Appointive officers.

§ C-13 Terms of office; filling of vacancies.

§ C-14 Applicability of Election Law; filing of election results.

§ C-15 Qualifications of electors.

§ C-16 Time of elections; commencement of terms of office; notice of election.

§ C-17 Board of Canvassers; oath of office and bond; appointments.

§ C-18 Salaries of Mayor and Council members; terms of Mayor's appointment.

§ C-19 Deputy Mayor.

§ C-20 Qualifications of officers. [L. 1916, c. 409]

§ C-21 Removal of officers.

§ C-22 Resignation of officers.

§ C-23 Official undertakings.

§ C-24 Delivery of city property upon termination of office; penalties for offenses.

§ C-25 Bonds required.

§ C-26 Payment of bond coverage; qualification of bonding company.

§ C-27 through § C-29. (Reserved)

TITLE III Common Council

§ C-30 Composition; presiding officer; voting by Mayor. [L. 1921, c. 153]

§ C-31 Conflicts of interest.

§ C-32 Voting by Council members.

§ C-33 Meetings to be public; minutes of meetings.

§ C-34 Quorum; concurring vote of Council members and written approval of Mayor required on certain matters.

§ C-35 Regular and special meetings.

§ C-36 Procedural powers.

§ C-37 Claims against city.

§ C-38 Powers.

§ C-39 through § C-49. (Reserved)

TITLE IV Powers and Duties of Officers

§ C-50 Mayor; vacancy.

§ C-51 Council members.

§ C-52 (Reserved)

§ C-53 Assessor.

§ C-54 Attorney.

§ C-55 City Clerk generally.

§ C-55a City Clerk as purchasing agent.

§ C-56 Chamberlain; audit of accounts by Council.

§ C-57 Chamberlain's bond.

§ C-58 Commissioner of Public Welfare.

§ C-59 Officers not to retain city funds; additional fees and compensation.

§ C-60 through § C-69. (Reserved)

TITLE V Taxation and Assessments

§ C-70 Statements and estimates; budget.

§ C-71 Taxes authorized generally; limitations.

§ C-72 Tax elections.

§ C-73 Liabilities limited; transfers of funds; penalties for offenses.

§ C-74 Preparation of assessment rolls.

§ C-75 Review and correction of assessments; Board of Review.

§ C-76 Tax roll and warrants.

§ C-77 Late charges for delinquent taxes.

§ C-78 Warrants for unpaid taxes.

§ C-79 Accounts and certification of unpaid taxes.

§ C-80 Annual accounting by Chamberlain; misappropriation of funds.

§ C-81 Collection of special taxes.

§ C-82 Taxes and assessments to constitute lien.

§ C-83 Delivery of certificate of unpaid taxes and assessments to City Attorney.

§ C-84 Account and certificate of unpaid taxes to be presumptive evidence of legality and regularity.

§ C-85 Sale of lands by city to collect taxes.

§ C-86 Redemption of real property sold for taxes.

§ C-87 Notice of unredeemed property.

§ C-88 Failure to redeem; conveyance of property.

§ C-89 Execution, acknowledgement and recording of conveyance.

§ C-90 Right of grantee or city to take possession of property.

§ C-91 Inability of grantee to obtain possession; refund of money paid.

§ C-92 Assignment of taxes and assessments.

§ C-93 Publication of unpaid taxes and assessments; costs.

§ C-94 Collection of unpaid taxes and assessments by civil action.

§ C-95 (Reserved)

§ C-96 Applicability of state laws to collection of taxes.

§ C-97 (Reserved)

§ C-98 Taxes for maintenance of library.

TITLE VI Department of Public Safety

§ C-99 Control and management.

§ C-100 Directors of Public Safety.

§ C-101 Clerk; powers and duties of Department.

§ C-102 Bond required of Directors; meetings; Directors to have power of police officers.

§ C-103 Appointment of police force; Police Chief.

§ C-104 Suspension and disciplining of police officers; salaries and compensation.

§ C-105 Warrants of appointment; oaths of office and general powers of police officers.

§ C-105a Bail; oaths to complaints.

§ C-106 Authority to make arrests and enforce laws of city.

§ C-107 Fees for services and expenses of police officers.

§ C-108 Special police officers.

§ C-109 Publication of notice and sale of unclaimed goods in possession of Police Department.

§ C-110 General powers and duties of Department of Public Safety.

§ C-111 Appointment and compensation of Chief of Fire Department, Assistant Chief and fire fighters.

§ C-112 Purchase of Fire Department equipment and supplies.

§ C-113 Sale of Fire Department lands and property; disposition of proceeds.

§ C-114 Department expenditures not to exceed appropriation. [L. 1943, c. 710]

§ C-115 Title to Fire Department property vested in city; sale of property; disposition of funds.

§ C-116 Payment of claims.

§ C-117 Certificates of service for fire fighters.

§ C-118 Power of Department to administer oath and issue subpoenas.

§ C-119 Reports to Common Council.

§ C-120 (Reserved)

§ C-121 Fire inspections.

§ C-122 (Reserved)

§ C-123 Fire Marshal; inspections; reports.

§ C-124 Jurisdiction of Department over buildings and structures.

§ C-125 Abolition of old Board of Public Safety; delivery of city property to successors.

§ C-126 through § C-129. (Reserved)

TITLE VII (Reserved)

§ C-130 through § C-143. (Reserved)

TITLE VIII Streets and Highways

§ C-144 through § C-149. (Reserved)

§ C-150 City declared separate highway district.

§ C-151 Public highways deemed to belong to city.

§ C-152 Records of highways, streets and parks.

§ C-153 Authority to construct and alter streets and highways.

§ C-154 Notice of intended street improvement; claims.

§ C-155 Expense of street cleaning and repair.

§ C-155a Expense of curb and guttering construction.

§ C-156 through § C-157. (Reserved)

§ C-158 Establishing or changing grade.

§ C-159 Petition for street improvement.

§ C-160 Taxes and assessments for improvements to constitute lien.

§ C-161 (Reserved)

§ C-162 (Reserved)

§ C-163 Installment payments for assessments.

§ C-164 Authority to compel property owners to do certain work prior to improvement.

§ C-165 through § C-169. (Reserved)

TITLE IX Department of Public Works

§ C-170 Directors; meetings; President; quorum.

§ C-171 Compensation and removal of Directors.

§ C-172 Treasurer.

§ C-173 Estimate of expenses.

§ C-174 General powers of Directors.

§ C-175 Superintendent of Public Works; other employees.

§ C-176 Responsibility of owner to repair and maintain sidewalks; snow and ice removal; work by city.

§ C-177 Repair of dangerous sidewalks by city.

§ C-178 Powers.

§ C-179 Report to Common Council.

§ C-180 Department to have powers and duties of Board of Public Works.

§ C-181 Paving and grading of streets.

§ C-182 Public parks.

§ C-183 Water, sewer and utility pipes; excavations; safety precautions.

§ C-184 Sewer system.

§ C-185 Canisteo River banks, walls and dykes.

§ C-186 Hornellsville Fair.

§ C-187 Maple City Park entertainment.

§ C-188 and § C-189. (Reserved)

TITLE X Water Supply

§ C-190 General authority of Department of Public Works.

§ C-191 (Reserved)

§ C-192 Use of streets; restoration.

§ C-193 (Reserved).

§ C-193a Sinking fund.

§ C-194 Use of receipts from waterworks system.

§ C-195 Determination of water rates; disposition of proceeds.

§ C-196 Department of Public Works rules and regulations; penalties for offenses.

§ C-197 Collection of water rents and penalties. [L. 1916, c. 409]

§ C-197a Delinquent water rents; rates to constitute lien.

§ C-198 Disposition of funds. [L. 1916, c. 409; L. 1943, c. 710]

§ C-199 Resolution required to incur liabilities or expend money. [L. 1916, c. 409]

§ C-200 Suits and claims. [L. 1916, c. 409]

§ C-201 Records and reports; inspections. [L. 1916, c. 409]

§ C-202 Clerk to deliver copies of Common Council legislation relating to waterworks; records of Chamberlain. [L. 1916, c. 409]

§ C-203 Injury to waterworks.

§ C-204 Surrender of city records by Commissioners of Public Works.

§ C-205 Budget.

§ C-206 through § C-209. (Reserved)

TITLE XI Board of Health

§ C-210 General provisions.

TITLE XII Civil Service Board

§ C-211 General provisions.

TITLE XIII Miscellaneous Provisions

§ C-212 (Reserved)

§ C-213 City officers ineligible for appointment to certain boards.

§ C-214 Continuation of legislation enacted by Common Council of City of Hornellsville.

§ C-215 Continuation of legislation enacted by certain boards and commissions.

§ C-216 Continuation of legislation enacted by Board of Health and Plumbing Board.

§ C-217 Continuation of legislation enacted by Civil Service Commission.

§ C-218 Continuation of legislation of Police Commission, Board of Public Safety and Fire Department.

§ C-219 Continuation in office of appointive officers.

§ C-220 Refunding of City of Hornellsville bonds. [L. 1911, c. 799]

§ C-221 through § C-223. (Reserved)

§ C-224 Establishment of funds; transfers.

§ C-225 Reports not otherwise provided for.

§ C-226 Reports of Chamberlain.

§ C-227 Execution of judgments in favor of city.

§ C-228 (Reserved)

§ C-229 (Reserved)

§ C-230 Procuring of land for city purposes.

§ C-231 "Person" defined.

§ C-232 Short title.

§ C-233 Act not to affect pending actions or legal proceedings.

§ C-234 Repealer.

§ C-235 When effective.

§ C-236 (Reserved)

§ C-237 through § C-239. (Reserved)

TITLE XIV (Reserved)

§ C-240 through § C-299. (Reserved)

TITLE XV (Reserved)

§ C-300 through § C-314. (Reserved)

TITLE XVI Industrial Commissioner

§ C-315 Office created.

§ C-316 Appointment and terms of office.

§ C-317 Salary; disbursements.

§ C-318 Powers and duties.

TITLE XVII Historian

§ C-319 Appointment; qualifications.

§ C-320 Salary.

§ C-321 Official status.

§ C-322 Duties.

§ C-323 Annual report.

§ C-324 Relinquishing records to successor.

TITLE XVIII (Reserved)

§ C-325 (Reserved)