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Borough of Bradford Woods, PA
Allegheny County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Bradford Woods 12-12-2005 by Ord. No. 401; amended in its entirety 5-9-2016 by Ord. No. 448. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
The position of Borough Manager (hereinafter "Manager") is hereby created by the Borough Council of Bradford Woods, by ordinance.
The Manager shall be appointed for an indefinite term by a majority of all the Council.
The Manager shall serve at the pleasure of Council and may be removed at any time by a majority vote of all the members of Council. At least 30 days before such removal, the Council shall furnish the Manager with a written statement setting forth its intentions and the reasons therefor.
The Manager need not be a resident of the Borough of Bradford Woods at the time of appointment, but during the tenure of office may reside outside the Borough of Bradford Woods only with the approval of the Council.
The Manager shall be chosen on the basis of executive and administrative abilities, with special reference to actual experience in, or knowledge of, accepted practices and duties of the office as set forth in § 38-6 below.
Before entering upon the duties of Manager, the appointed Manager shall be bonded with a bonding company assuring such sum as is set by resolution of Council for the faithful performance of the duties of the office. Any premiums associated therewith shall be paid by the Borough.
The salary of the Manager shall be fixed from time to time in the same manner as for all other Borough employees. At such times as Council appoints an individual to the position of Manager, Council shall also fix the initial salary of said Manager.
Definition of position.
The Manager records, documents and files all the official acts of Council and other appointed boards, commissions and other Borough officials as directed; maintains an accounting of all receipts and expenditures, prepares and pays all bills, and prepares payroll for the Borough.
The Manager is responsible for the maintenance of Borough records, the proper transaction of Borough business, and attending to or bringing to the attention of proper officials the concerns of citizens. The Manager provides technical advice to elected and appointed officials in matters of legal requirements, finances, personnel administration, and general management. The Manager may also be required to perform research as necessary to provide information for decision making by the members of Council.
Work is performed independently with decisions made based on established rules and policies, applicable laws, regulations imposed by other government agencies, and the Manager's best judgment regarding internal consistency, precedent and fairness.
Work is reviewed by the members of Council through general observation of the effectiveness of Borough operations and through written and oral reports.
The Borough Manager is an At-Will position.
Duties; general requirements:
Serve as Borough Secretary and Treasurer without additional compensation.
Prepares agenda and background information for Council meetings by compiling correspondence, citizen requests, bills payable, financial report, proposed ordinances and resolutions prior to the meeting.
Attends all Council meetings and Council committee meetings when requested; provides procedural advice on the conduct of the meeting and prepares minutes by summarizing information on handwritten notes and recorded transcripts; distributes minutes to Council within two weeks of meeting; maintains minutes in bound form for all audits.
Attends all NEWCOM, Police Board, and COG-related meetings when requested; provides Council with summaries of all such meetings.
Advises solicitor of upcoming meeting items that may require legal research, drafting of legislative actions, or other advance preparation; updates book of ordinances and resolutions and keeps a numerical and subject-matter index.
Ensures that legislative actions are properly enacted by advertising and recording the action as required by law; processes, signs, and seals official documents.
Attends to the letting of contracts as approved by Council. The Manager shall supervise the performance and faithful execution of the same except insofar as such duties are expressly imposed by Council upon another Borough officer.
Assists citizens by informing them of Borough rules and ordinances, explaining procedures, hearing complaints and either resolving them or referring them to the complaint concern form.
Updates and maintains all records such as deed transfer, district court, liquid fuels, library, public utility, building permits, no-lien letters, One Call, road open permits, road work bids, pensions, police, and certain records relating to earned income and real estate tax; maintains records in accordance with a retention schedule of items such as advertising, bids, contracts, road repairs, official actions and incidents; maintains a calendar of mandated state and federal requirements for filing of reports; completes said reports and sends to appropriate agencies.
Makes Borough Council aware of governmental funding sources and make application for funds based upon approval by Council.
Secures compliance with all franchises, leases, permit and privileges granted by Council.
Keeps Council, Mayor, tax collectors, Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, Solicitor and Building Inspector advised of new information received in the office; assists by keeping them informed of legal and procedural requirements, reminding them of necessary actions, distributing any mail or telephone messages, and providing clerical and administrative support; when necessary, attends outside meetings for Council members.
Assists citizens with zoning-related matters by advising them of ordinance requirements and assisting them in preparing applications for requested actions for consideration by the Zoning Officer.
Issues all zoning permits after written review and approval by the Zoning Officer and Building Inspector.
Contacts state and federal legislators on behalf of members of Council to explain local problems and solicit their assistance.
Performs bookkeeping functions for all of the Borough's various accounts and funds; prepares proper journal entries; enters information in an accounting format that facilitates management of Borough responsibilities and federal, state, and local reports and audits.
Researches items such as investment opportunities, insurance plans, and retirement systems in order to advise Council on relative costs and advantages of available plans.
Receives revenue from permit fees, state and federal allocations, and fines; records and properly deposits to the Borough's account.
Maintains records of expenditures and revenues to prepare comparisons with budgeted amounts so that future budget plans can be made accurately.
Assists in preparation of annual budget by summarizing past expenditures, estimating costs of future needs, computing expected revenues and recommending tax rates necessary to meet budget requirements in such a timely fashion as will enable the Council to consider and adopt the budget and related tax ordinances according to the requirements of the law.
Shall be responsible for the administration of the budget after its adoption.
Reviews bills and invoices and assigns account numbers.
Upon approval or ratification of Council, pays bills and other obligations, scheduling payments to the Borough's advantage by observing due dates, discount periods, and maturity dates of invested funds.
Reconciles checking accounts, balances bookkeeping records, and assures that necessary vouchers, receipts, etc., are properly recorded and filed for audit purposes; aids auditors when required.
Upon approval of Council, purchases equipment and services assuring that major purchases are advertised, bid upon and awarded in accordance with Home Rule Charter and the Borough Code.
Prepares reports required by state and federal government and by insurance carriers.
Makes recommendations to Council with respect to the compensation and continued employment of all employees under his/her supervision.
Supervises the maintenance of payroll and benefits records for all Borough employees and issues paychecks; deposits monthly taxes, social security and federal withholding; sends monthly pensions payments; issues 1099 year-end forms for suppliers.
Keeps records of unpaid bills due Borough and supervises collection of such as designated by Council.
Gathers information for the Borough newsletter; handles bulk mailing and distribution of newsletter.
Prepares requests and applications for grants, loans, rebates, and other legal entitlements.
Gathers the Public Works Supervisor's work-time records, maintenance records, and other required reports and records for use and review by the Public Works Committee. Such records are signed or otherwise approved by the Borough Manager.
Facilitates the to-do list in conjunction with the Public Works Committee Chairman; notifies the public work crew on a daily basis as to what needs to be done.
Maintains a daily log of completed road work and documents expenditures on road supplies.
Reports to the Public Works Committee any discrepancies between the daily log and the work that was actually performed.
Keeps a current inventory showing all real and personal property of the Borough and its condition, and shall be responsible for the care and custody of all such property.
Maintains communications with utility companies and other private contractors; calls about emergency conditions; advises Council on hydrant flushing and quarterly payments.
Maintains the work history of the contractors used, the work performed by each contractor, and the cost of each project.
When the Manager becomes ill or needs to be absent from the Borough for any length of time, Council shall appoint a qualified person to perform the duties of the Manager. The Manager shall not be absent or fail to perform his/her duties for a period longer than one week without the approval of Council.
Licenses, certificates, and other requirements:
Valid Pennsylvania driver's license.
Valid Pennsylvania notary public certification.
Must meet approved minimum physical and medical standards and "The Federal Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988."