Borough of Bradford Woods, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Bradford Woods 10-14-2002 by Ord. No. 379. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Construction codes — See Ch. 102.
Contractors — See Ch. 105.
Grading — See Ch. 129.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 194.
This chapter and drawings[1] shall be known as the "Bradford Woods Driveway Ordinance."
Editor's Note: The drawings are on file in the Borough offices and may be examined there during regular office hours.
The purpose of this chapter is to regulate surfacing or resurfacing of driveways and to regulate the minimum diameter and placement of road drainage pipes to permit unrestricted water drainage at points of private property access to Borough roads.
The following words, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except those instances where the context clearly indicates otherwise:
Any private street, lane, avenue, alley or other private drive which abuts, intersects, adjoins or leads into a public street.
Includes any natural person, partnership, firm, association or corporation.
In this chapter the singular shall include the plural and the masculine shall include the feminine and the neuter.
It shall be unlawful for any person to surface or resurface any existing driveway in the Borough of Bradford Woods, or proceed with the laying, installation and construction of drains or pipes for drainage purposed on, over or under private roads, driveways, or ditches, without first making application and securing a permit as hereinafter provided.
Application for the installation of the proposed driveway and/or drain or drainage pipe must be made to the Borough Secretary in writing. Such application shall be made upon forms to be furnished by the Borough and shall set forth:
The name, address and phone number of the applicant.
The fees as set by resolution of Borough Council.
The exact location of the subject driveway, preferably on a property survey.
The length, width, depth and grade of the subject driveway.
A description of the material to be used for the surfacing or resurfacing of the driveway.
The location of and details concerning any proposed laying, installation and construction of drains or pipes for drainage purposes on, over, or under private roads, driveways, or ditches.
An agreement on the part of the applicant that the work shall be done in full compliance with the ordinances of the Borough of Bradford Woods and the laws of the commonwealth and that the applicant shall well and truly save, defend and keep harmless the Borough of Bradford Woods from and indemnify it against any and all actions, suits, demands, payments, costs and charges by reason of the proposed paving or repaving and all damages to persons resulting in any manner therefrom, or occurring in the prosecution of the work connected therewith, or from any other matter, cause or thing relating thereto.
Before any permit shall be issued under the provisions of this chapter, the applicant shall pay to the Borough Secretary a fee as set from time to time by resolution of the Borough Council.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
A permit shall be issued or denied by the Zoning Officer. If denied, the reason(s) shall be stated.
Dirt driveways shall not be allowed. The surfacing materials of driveways may be asphalt, stone, brick, concrete or any other approved material.
All driveways shall be graded for proper drainage.
It shall be the owner's responsibility to control any water runoff by means of drainage pipes and/or grating placed at the bottom of the driveway to prevent water from being diverted to roads or adjacent property.
No person, partnership, corporation, or association shall install at any point on or adjacent to any Borough road in the Borough of Bradford Woods any drainage pipe of a diameter less than 12 inches.
Wherever a culvert pipe or drainage pipe is constructed across any private driveway or road leading from a Borough road, it shall, in all cases, be of corrugated steel or concrete or corrugated plastic (smooth lined) of a size to properly carry off the heaviest volume of water occurring at that point at any time, but not less than a minimum of 12 inches in diameter properly laid so as not to divert any water upon any other private property or upon the highway or roads of the Borough or state.
All property owners shall be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of all storm sewer driveway cross pipes.
Any person who shall hereafter install any drainage pipe contrary to the provisions of this chapter shall, upon 10 days' written notice thereof from Borough Council, remove such unlawful drainage pipes and replace the same with a drainage pipe of at least 12 inches in diameter, or as directed by Borough Council or by their duly appointed agent. In default, the Borough Council or duly appointed agent may act to remove and/or replace such unlawful drainage pipes and shall thereupon collect the costs of such removal and replacement from the person, partnership, corporation or association failing to conform to such notice.
Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this chapter shall, upon conviction before the District Justice having jurisdiction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $600, plus costs of prosecution, and, in default of payment of such fine and costs, be subject to imprisonment for not more than 30 days.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).