City of Monroe, MI
Monroe County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Council of the City of Monroe as Chapter 660, Secs. 660.01 through 660.09, of the 1995 Codified Ordinances of Monroe. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Excavations in public property — See § C-270.
Animals — See Ch. 188.
Obstructions in public property — See Ch. 625, Art. I.
Malicious destruction of property by minors — See MCLA § 600.2913.
Malicious destruction of property — See MCLA §§ 750.377a, 750.377b.
No person shall injure or in any way deface the City Hall, fire engine houses, fire apparatus, public grounds, public wharves, water pipes, hydrants, public school buildings, public pumps, wells or bridges, or any other public property in the City, or any appurtenances or fixtures thereto.
No person shall cut, injure, remove, damage or change from its position any electrical light or fire alarm wire belonging to the City or any street lamp, cutoff, lightning arrester, meter, fixture, cross-arm, bracket or anything whatsoever connected with and belonging to the lighting or fire alarm system of the City, except under the direction or by permission of the Council.
The prohibitions of this section shall not apply to the chief engineer or assistant engineers of the Fire Department of the City, who may, in case of fire, where an emergency requires it, remove or displace any such wire, lamp, transformer or other electrical appliance. The officer doing or ordering such act shall immediately notify the foreman and electrician of the lighting plant so that proper precautions may be immediately taken to prevent loss or damage to persons or property by reason of such act.
No person shall alter, remove, molest or tamper with any wire, fixture, pipe, conduit, meter or other appliance of any waterworks plant, gas or electric company, telephone or telegraph company, or other company, or a person operating a similar business, or tap any supply wire or pipe, or fraudulently or secretly extract or use any water, electricity or gas of the plant or company, or uncover or open up any manhole or other opening to any sewer, unless the person doing so is an employee of the company or of the City, or is under authority and direction to do so.
No person shall leave any manhole or other opening open or unprotected without replacing the fixtures and appliances to their proper place and position.
No person shall hack, cut, mutilate, disfigure or in any manner injure any tree or any pole of any telegraph, telephone, electric light, railway, trolley or fire alarm system in any street, lane, alley, park or public place of the City.
[Amended 9-4-2001 by Ord. No. 01-019]
No person shall tack, nail, paste or in any manner attach or affix to any tree or any telegraph, telephone, electric light, power, trolley or fire alarm pole any advertisement or advertising matter, sign, notice or placard, either stamped, painted, printed or written, in any street, alley, lane, park or public place in the City.
A violation of this section is a municipal civil infraction and shall subject the violator to the penalties as provided in § 1-27E of the Code of the City of Monroe. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.[1]
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 85, Municipal Civil Infractions, of this Code.
[Amended 8-12-1996 by Ord. No. 96-018]
No person shall willfully or maliciously break, deface, remove, destroy or injure the private property of another without first having obtained the consent of the owner thereof.
No person shall remove or in any manner damage any fixture, attachment or other property belonging to, connected with or used in the construction of any vacant structure or building, or break into any vacant structure or building, unless authorized to enter and remove any fixture, attachment or other property belonging to, connected with or used in the construction of any vacant structure or building, whether built or in the process of construction, or damage the structure or building in any way, whether intentionally or not, in attempting to enter the structure or building or in removing, or attempting to remove, any such fixture, attachment or other property belonging to, connected with or used in the construction of the structure or building.
No person shall loosen or remove any plank, board, block, brick, stringer or support from any sidewalk or crossing.
No person shall cut, carve, paint, mark, engrave or inscribe upon any sidewalk, curbing, pavement or other public part of any street, any sign, mark, advertisement or effigy, other than to show the sidewalk contractor's nameplate.
Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the painting and marking of curb faces with home address numbers.[1]
Editor's Note: Former Section 660.09, Injuring flags and decorations, which immediately followed this section, was repealed August 12, 1996 by Ord. No. 96-018.