Town of Stoughton, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved at Town Election 3-15-1971, effective 1-1-1972.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Board of Selectmen — See Ch. 5.
Town Meetings — See Ch. 47.
Access to Town Counsel — See Ch. 205.
Board of Selectmen Rules of Procedure — See Ch. 254.
School Committee — See Ch. 311.
Attachment 1 - List of Charter Amendments
Editor's Note: The recodification, recaptioning and editorial corrections of the Town Charter, including all amendments adopted and approved through 4-5-2011, having been proofread by the Town Code Review Committee and the Town Meeting Charter Review Committee, were approved by 5-20-2013 ATM, Art. 75.
Article 1 Incorporation; Powers

§ C1-1 Incorporation.

§ C1-2 Powers.

§ C1-3 Construction.

§ C1-4 Intergovernmental relations.

§ C1-5 Town Seal.

Article 2 Precincts

§ C2-1 Division of Town.

Article 3 Board of Selectmen

§ C3-1 Elections; terms; compensation.

§ C3-2 Powers and rights.

§ C3-3 Duties.

Article 4 Town Manager

§ C4-1 Intent.

§ C4-2 Powers and duties.

§ C4-3 Absence of Town Manager.

Article 5 School Committee

§ C5-1 Election; terms; compensation.

§ C5-2 Powers and duties.

§ C5-3 Filling vacancies.

Article 6 Housing Authority and Redevelopment Authority

§ C6-1 Election; terms; compensation.

§ C6-2 Powers; duties; compensation.

Article 7 Representative Town Meeting

§ C7-1 Annual and Special Town Meetings.

§ C7-2 Town Moderator: election, duties.

§ C7-3 Compensation.

§ C7-4 Deputy Town Moderator: election and duties.

§ C7-5 Town Meeting Representatives.

§ C7-6.1 Vacancies among Town Meeting Representatives.

§ C7-6.2 Election by Ballot for Town Meeting Representative.

§ C7-7 Attendance and publication.

§ C7-8 Powers and duties.

§ C7-9 Rules for conduct of Town Meetings.

§ C7-10 Town Meetings generally.

§ C7-11 Organizational Town Meeting.

§ C7-12 Compensation of Town Meeting Representatives.

§ C7-13 Nonvoting members of Town Meeting.

§ C7-14 Town Meeting standing committees.

§ C7-15 Temporary committees of Town Meeting.

§ C7-16 Availability of Town officials and employees at Town Meeting.

§ C7-17 Membership of Town officials on Town Meeting committees.

Article 8 Elections

§ C8-1 Time of elections.

§ C8-2 Preliminary elections.

§ C8-3 Polling places.

§ C8-4 Nomination Papers; time of filing; signatures.

§ C8-5 Position on ballot for Town offices.

§ C8-6 Restrictions on offices.

§ C8-7 Restriction on election.

§ C8-8 Election of Town Meeting Representatives.

§ C8-9 Date new officials take office.

Article 9 Recall of Elective Officers

§ C9-1 Holders of office may be recalled.

§ C9-2 Recall; petition; preparation; filing.

§ C9-3 Resignation of officer; election as to recall.

§ C9-4 Officer being recalled may be candidate.

§ C9-5 Incumbent to continue duties until recalled.

§ C9-6 Form of ballots for recall.

§ C9-7 Limitations on petitions.

§ C9-8 Prohibition against appointment of recalled officer.

Article 10 General Provisions Relating to Town Officers

§ C10-1 Resignation of Town officers.

§ C10-2 Removal of appointed Town officers and members of boards and commissions.

§ C10-3 Salaries and compensation of appointed officers.

Article 11 When Appropriation Effective; Referendum

§ C11-1 When appropriation effective; referendum.

Article 12 Rights of Inhabitants

§ C12-1 Accessibility of officials.

Article 13 Relation of Charter to Town Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Orders and Special Laws

§ C13-1 Conflicting provisions.

Article 14 General Provisions

§ C14-1 Severability.

§ C14-2 Specific provisions shall prevail.

§ C14-3 Publication of bylaws.

Article 15 Transitional Provisions

§ C15-1 Continuation of bylaws.

§ C15-2 Continuation of government.

§ C15-3 Continuation of administrative personnel.

§ C15-4 Transfer of records and property.

§ C15-5 Continuance of contracts and other obligations.

§ C15-6 Pending actions and proceedings.

§ C15-7 Effective date of Charter.