Township of Blairstown, NJ
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Blairstown as Sec. 10-4 (Ord. No. 70-3) of the 1977 Revised General Ordinances. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Parking plan for concerts and festivals — See Ch. 84, § 84-4.
Parking in parks and recreation areas — See Ch. 142, § 142-2.
Towing — See Ch. 177.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 184.
Authority is hereby vested in the Chief of Police in conjunction with the recommendations of the Chief of the Fire Department and the Building Inspector to establish and designate fire and emergency access lanes in and around parking yards and parking places which are open to the public to which the public is invited in the Township.
The fire and emergency access lanes may include, but are not limited to, no parking or no standing areas, traffic directional lanes and areas designated solely for pedestrian traffic.
The fire and emergency access lanes shall be in those locations of sufficient design as may be reasonably required by the public safety and welfare. The purpose of these lanes is to guarantee unimpaired ingress and egress in and around public parking areas and to and around all buildings located in these areas in the event of a fire or other emergency for police, fire and other emergency vehicles. The lanes shall be installed by the property owner with acceptable signs and paint on the pavement provided by said property owner, installed and maintained at the guidance and direction of the Chief of Police of the Township.
[Amended 4-11-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-02]
In shopping areas located within the Township, no vehicle shall park at any time adjacent to any building as indicated on the site plan submitted to the Land Use Board of the Township in accordance with Chapter 19, Land Development.
In shopping areas located within the Township, vehicles can only park in designated parking areas and only in such areas within the painted lines designating parking stalls as indicated on the site plan submitted to the Land Use Board of the Township in accordance with Chapter 19, Land Development.
[Added 11-10-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-16]
Definitions. As used in this section, "commercial vehicles" shall mean any motor vehicle bearing commercial license plates and/or used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to transporting persons or property for compensation or profit and/or use in conjunction with any commercial, industrial or other nonresidential enterprise. The display of commercial, omnibus or constructor registration plates on any motor vehicle shall, for the purposes of this section, be prima facie evidence that the vehicle is a commercial vehicle.
The parking, storage and/or garaging of any commercial vehicle on lands owned, occupied, or controlled by others without the express consent of the person or entity that owns, operates, or controls the land upon which said activity takes place is hereby deemed to be an unlawful prohibited activity.
Nothing herein, however, shall prohibit the temporary parking of a commercial vehicle for the purpose of performing services or making pickups or deliveries in the regular course of business.
The Police Department of the Township shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the Chief and the Assistant Chief of Fire District #1 and Fire District #2 in enforcing this chapter.
No person, firm or corporation or any of their agents or employees shall leave standing or cause to be parked any vehicle in any of the aforementioned lanes or cause any other obstructions in the designated lanes.
For any violations for the provisions of this chapter, the offender shall be liable to pay a penalty of not more than $50 or imprisonment for a term of not exceeding 15 days, or both.