Borough of Trappe, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Trappe 10-6-1998 by Ord. No. 338 (Part 2, Ch. 2, Art. C, of the 1987 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administration of government — See Ch. 6.
Authorities, municipal — See Ch. 11.
The purpose of this chapter is to enable the Borough to delegate administrative functions to a Borough Manager. The Borough Council shall be responsible for legislative policy-making. The Borough Manager shall be responsible for the implementation and execution of policies and programs affecting the Borough which are established by the Borough Council. In accordance with this purpose and intent, Borough Council shall, from time to time, by resolution, delegate to the Borough Manager such nonlegislative powers and duties of Borough Council pursuant to the authority set forth in Section 53 P.S. § 46005 of the Borough Code, Act of February 1, 1966, No. 581, Section 1005.
The office of Borough Manager is hereby created by the Borough of Trappe.
The Borough Manager shall be an at-will employee and shall be subject to removal by Council at any time by a vote of the majority of all members for any reason.
The qualifications and compensation of the Borough Manager shall be set forth in a contract between the Borough and the Borough Manager and shall be approved, from time to time, by a resolution passed by a majority of all members of Borough Council.
Before commencing with the Borough Manager's duty, the Borough Manager, at the expense of the Borough, shall file with the Borough a bond to be approved by Council, with a bonding company as surety, in such amount as established by resolution. The bond shall be in favor of the Mayor and Borough Council, conditioned for the favorable performance of the Borough Manager's duties.
The Borough Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough and shall be responsible to Council as a whole for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of the Borough. The Borough Manager shall carry on the business of the Borough under the direction of the Borough Council, and the powers and duties of the Borough Manager shall relate to the general management of all Borough business not expressly imposed or conferred by statute upon other Borough officials or hereafter expressly reserved or restricted by resolution or ordinance. Subject to recall, recision, enlargement or further specific delegation of authority by Borough Council, at any time by resolution of Borough Council, the powers and duties of the Borough Manager shall be as follows:
The Borough Manager shall execute and enforce the laws of the commonwealth and the ordinances, resolutions and bylaws of Borough Council.
The Borough Manager shall attend all meetings of Borough Council and its committees with the right to take part in the discussion and recommend such measures as Borough Manager shall deem appropriate. The Borough Manager shall receive notice of all special meetings of Borough Council and its committees. The Borough Manager shall prepare the agenda for each meeting of Borough Council and supply facts pertinent thereto.
The Borough Manager shall make a monthly report to Borough Council and at such other time as Borough Council may direct, as to the affairs of the Borough and shall keep the Borough Council duly advised of the Borough's financial conditions, its financial needs and the current affairs of the Borough.
The Borough Manager shall supervise and be responsible for the activities of all municipal departments and employees.
The Borough Manager shall recommend persons to be hired and, upon good cause shown, shall suspend any employee under the Borough Manager's supervision, subject to councilmatic action at the next meeting thereafter.
All complaints regarding Borough services shall be referred to the Borough Manager who shall cause the investigation and disposition of such complaints. The Borough Manager shall report thereon to the Borough Council at the next meeting thereafter.
The Borough Manager shall oversee the general administration of all daily and usual fiscal matters of the Borough, including depositing funds with the appropriate financial institutions, investing funds per the directive of Council, supervising the various accounts and funds of the Borough and assuring that proper recordkeeping and appropriate accounts are maintained and kept.
The Borough Manager shall oversee the preparation of the budget each year, coordinate the study and adoption thereof, and make the appropriate reports to Borough Council so that it can timely review, advertise and adopt the budget each year.
The Borough Manager shall administer the budget after its adoption by Borough Council.
The Borough Manager shall coordinate all intergovernmental agreements and all activities concerning the Collegeville-Trappe Public Works Department, the Collegeville-Trappe Municipal Authority and the Trappe Ambulance and Fire Companies as their activities relate or impact on the affairs of Trappe Borough or the community.
The Borough Manager shall attend to the advertising and letting of contracts in due form as provided by law. The Borough Manager shall supervise the performance and faithful execution of all contracts except insofar as such duties are expressly imposed upon some other Borough officer by statute or councilmatic action.
The Borough Manager shall have full power to purchase all supplies and equipment necessary for the various departments and offices of the Borough. However, no single article or purchase shall be in excess of the maximum allowed by the current provisions of the Borough Code and the amendments thereto. The Borough Manager shall keep accounts of all purchases made and shall at the next Borough Council meeting thereafter so advise Borough Council in the Borough Manager's report of any purchases so made.
The Borough Manager shall oversee the collection of all monies due the Borough and shall undertake such necessary action for the securing and collection of all Borough claims and debts.
The Borough Manager shall conduct the general affairs of the Borough, including purchasing, collection of monies, administration, enforcement of contracts leases, franchises, subject to the provisions of applicable laws, ordinances and resolutions of the Borough.
The Borough Manager shall develop long-range fiscal plans for the Borough and shall undertake to obtain necessary and appropriate grant money for the Borough.
The Borough Manager shall establish and maintain the Trappe Borough employee handbook, which shall include a job description and training program for each employee. The Borough Manager shall perform regular evaluation of employee performance.
The Borough Manager shall recommend to Borough Council the individuals for hiring or discharge, but the decision to hire or terminate employment shall be solely the responsibility of Borough Council.
The Borough Manager shall plan, oversee routine maintenance and improvement of all open space, public parks and recreational areas in the Borough. The Borough Manager shall participate in the YMCA task force.
The Borough Manager shall oversee and supervise trash and waste collection in the Borough.
The Borough Manager shall oversee and supervise the enforcement of all building, fire and maintenance codes, the Zoning Ordinance, and the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and report to Council concerning the same.
The Manager of the Borough of Trappe is hereby designated as the person authorized to declare any vehicle abandoned within the limits of the Borough to prepare and file any required reports with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation relating thereto and to proceed to the removal of any such vehicle by a licensed salvor pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 73 of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 7301 et seq.
[Added 12-5-2006 by Ord. No. 393]