Town of Hadley, MA
Hampshire County
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[Adopted 3-2-1914 ATM by Art. 36 as §§ 9, 12, 17, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30 and 32 of the 1914 General Bylaws]
No person shall ride, drive, propel or wheel any handcart, sled, bicycle, motor vehicle, or other carriage, except children's carriages and invalids' chairs drawn by hand, or allow any horse, ox, mule, cow, goat, donkey or pig, cart, carriage or motor vehicle to be on any sidewalk unless in the necessary act of crossing the same.
[Amended 11-18-2010 STM by Art. 3]
No person shall remove any turf or earth from any street, highway, or Town way or from any lands owned by the Town, except if it is to repair the roads or sidewalks of said Town, and then only under the direction of the Select Board or Highway Superintendent.
No person shall drive any wagon, carriage, cart or motor vehicle upon any common or grass land in the said Town that is used by the abutters as mowing or as a lawn.
No person shall post or affix or cause to be posted or affixed upon any tree, stone, telegraph, telephone, electric light, or other pole, post or structure, within the boundaries of any street, lane, common or other public place, any sign, playbill, poster, notice, advertisement, or printed paper of any description whatsoever, except caucus or election notices, or any advertising appliance or medium, or cut, paint, or mark any such stone, tree, pole, post or structure except for the purpose of protecting the same.
[Amended 11-18-2010 STM by Art. 3]
No owner or tenant of an estate abutting on a stone, brick, concrete or plank sidewalk shall place or suffer to remain, for more than 12 hours between sunrise and sunset, any snow upon such sidewalk, nor any ice upon such sidewalk, unless such ice is made even and covered with sand to prevent slipping, nor shall any person place ice or snow in a street outside the sidewalk.
[Amended 2-1-1943 ATM by Art. 19]
No person shall drag or haul tools or equipment, machinery or other property upon the surface of a concrete, tar, macadam, or other hard-surfaced highway within the control of the Town without providing reasonable and adequate means to protect the said highway from damage.
No person shall expose in any street any table or device of any kind intended for playing a game of hazard or chance, and no person shall play at any such game or any other unlawful game in any street.
The Select Board may grant license in writing for such obstructions of any part of the highway or streets or such excavations of the same as may be needful for the purpose of erecting, repairing, altering or removing any building, or for any purpose which to it may seem reasonable.
In all such cases in which a license may be given for obstructing or excavating any highway or street, the authority granting the same may impose such considerations and limitations as it shall see fit with regard to erecting barricades, maintaining lights and taking other precautions for the security of travelers and other person. Such license shall also express the time for which it will continue in force.
Every person receiving such license shall execute a written agreement to indemnify and save harmless the Town against all damage or cost by reason of any claim for damages or any process, civil or criminal, on account of the existence of such obstructions or excavations or any injury to any person occasioned thereby, and the authority granting the license may in its discretion require securities for the performance of such agreement.
[Amended 11-18-2010 STM by Art. 3]
Any person violating any of the provisions of § 218-5 of these bylaws shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding $10 for each offense.