Town of Bloomsburg, PA
Columbia County
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[Ord. 759, 3/8/1993, § 201]
The purpose of this Chapter is to provide for harmonious development of the Town and County by:
Ensuring the orderly and efficient integration of subdivisions into the development of the Town of Bloomsburg.
Ensuring sites suitable for building purposes and human habitation.
Ensuring conformance of subdivision plans with public improvement plans.
Ensuring coordination of intermunicipal public improvement plans and programs.
Ensuring the protection of water resources and drainageways.
Ensuring the efficient movement of traffic.
Ensuring the management of stormwater runoff problem areas.
Ensuring equitable handling of all subdivision plans by providing uniform standards and procedures.
Ensuring the greater health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Town of Bloomsburg.
Ensuring the efficient and orderly extension of community services and facilities at minimum cost and maximum convenience.
[Ord. 759, 3/8/1993, § 202]
The Bloomsburg Town Council shall have the authority to approve or disapprove all preliminary, preliminary/final and final subdivision or land development plat applications as required herein.
The Bloomsburg Planning Commission is hereby designated as the agency which shall review and make recommendations on all subdivision and land development plat applications as required herein, prior to action on same by the Town Council.
[Ord. 759, 3/8/1993, § 203]
Applications for subdivision and land development located within the Town of Bloomsburg shall be forwarded upon receipt, with the appropriate review fee, to the Columbia County Planning Commission for review and report. The Town Council shall not approve such applications until the County review report is received or until the expiration of 30 days from the date the application was forwarded to the County Planning Commission. As evidenced of their review and report, officials of the County Planning Commission will sign final plats which have been formally approved by the Town before such plats are presented for recording.
[Ord. 759, 3/8/1993, § 204]
No subdivision or land development of any lot, tract or parcel of land located in the Town of Bloomsburg shall be effected, no street, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main or other improvements in connection therewith shall be laid out, constructed, opened or dedicated for public use or travel or for the common use of occupants of buildings thereon unless and until a final subdivision plat has been approved by the Town Council and publicly recorded in the manner prescribed herein, nor otherwise, except in strict accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.
No lot in a subdivision may be sold, no permit to erect or alter any building upon land in a subdivision or land development may be issued and no building may be erected or altered in a subdivision or land development, unless and until a final subdivision plat has been approved by the Town Council and recorded and until construction of the improvements required in the manner prescribed herein.
[Ord. 759, 3/8/1993, § 205]
In interpreting and applying the provisions of this Chapter, they shall be held to be minimum requirements for the promotion of public health, safety, comfort, convenience and greater welfare. Where provisions of this Chapter impose greater restrictions than those of any statute, other ordinance, restriction or regulation, the provisions of this Chapter shall be controlling. Where the provisions of a statute, other ordinance, resolution or regulation imposes greater restrictions than that of this Chapter, the provisions of such statute, resolution, ordinance or regulation shall be controlling.