Town of Bloomsburg, PA
Columbia County
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[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 401; as amended by Ord. 757, 3/1/1993, § 4; by Ord. 841, 12/19/2001; by Ord. 854, 1/13/2003, § 2; and by Ord. 909, 12/20/2007]
For the purpose of this Chapter, the Town of Bloomsburg is hereby divided into districts which shall be designated as follows:
Residential – Conservation
Residential – Suburban
Residential – Urban
High-Density Residential
Commercial – Residential
Highway – Commercial
Commercial – Warehouse
Industrial Park
Health Care
University Educational Park
Business Campus
[Added by Ord. 931, 10/11/2010]
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 402; as amended by Ord. 708, 9/12/1986, § 4]
The Town of Bloomsburg is hereby divided into districts as shown on the official Zoning Map, which, together, with all supplementary matters thereon, is hereby adopted by reference and declared to be part of this Chapter.[1] The Official Zoning Map shall be identified by the signature of the Mayor, properly attested and shall bear the Town Seal. No changes of any nature shall be made in the official Zoning Map except in conformance with the procedures set forth in Part 11. This official Zoning Map shall supersede any prior Zoning Map and shall be identified by a certification to the effect that:
This Official Zoning Map supersedes and replaces the Official Zoning Map adopted the 28th day of May 1975, as Part of Ord. 613 of the Town of Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, and supersedes and replaces the Official Zoning Map adopted the 6th day of October 1986, as part of Ord. 687 of the Town of Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.
Editor's Note: The Zoning Map is on file in the Town offices.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 403]
District boundary lines are intended to follow or be parallel to the center line of streets, streams and railroads and lot or property lines as they exist on a recorded deed or plan of record in the Columbia County Recorder of Deeds Office at the time of the adoption of this Chapter, unless such district boundary lines are fixed by dimensions as shown on the Zoning Map.
Where a district boundary is not fixed by dimensions and where it approximately follows lot lines, and where it does not scale more than 10 feet therefrom, such lot lines shall be construed to be such boundaries unless specifically shown otherwise.
In unsubdivided land or where a district boundary divides a lot, the location of such boundary, unless the same is indicated by dimensions, shall be determined by the use of the scale appearing on the Map or by survey of a registered surveyor hired and paid for by the property owner questioning or contesting the boundary location.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 404]
In case of any uncertainty, the Zoning Hearing Board shall interpret the intent of the Map as to location of district boundaries.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 405]
Wherever State-owned property is included in one or more zoning districts, it shall be subject to the provisions of this Chapter only insofar as permitted by the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 406]
This Chapter shall not apply to any existing or proposed building, or extension thereof, used or to be used by a public utility corporation, if, upon petition of the corporation, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission shall, after a public hearing, decide that the present or proposed situation of the building in question is reasonably necessary for the convenience or welfare of the public.