Town of Pinedale, WY
Sublette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 4-26-2010 by Ord. No. 450]

§ 475-149.1 Purpose.

The principal purpose of the Utility Zoning District (UT) is to provide areas for the placement of Town-owned and operated essential public utility and service installations and their operations in the Town.

§ 475-149.2 Permitted uses.

The following uses may be operated as permitted uses in the UT district:
Public utility facilities;
Water and sewage treatment plants;
Communication towers;
Government maintenance shops and offices;
Recycling center;
Animal control facilities;
Utility offices and shops;
Emergency service stations;
Renewable energy installations;
Accessory private businesses providing a public service provided they are supplying products and services directly to the Town;
Similar type of listed uses as determined by the Town Council after review by the Planning and Zoning Board.

§ 475-149.3 Conditional uses.

The following uses may be operated under a conditional use permit as approved by the Town Council in the Utility District: structures or buildings with heights over 35 feet.

§ 475-149.4 Accessory uses.

Any use which complies with all of the following conditions may be operated as an accessory use to a permitted use in the UT District:
Is clearly incidental and customary to and commonly associated with the operation of the permitted use;
Is operated and maintained on the same zone lot as the permitted use;
If operated within a structure, shall not exceed a gross floor area of 50% of the gross floor area of the permitted use. If operated as an open accessory use, shall not exceed a gross floor area of 50% of the area of the zone lot.

§ 475-149.5 Lot area.

There is no minimum area for zone lots in the UT District.

§ 475-149.6 Lot width.

There is no minimum width for zone lots in the UT District.

§ 475-149.7 Yards.

Minimum yards for structures in the UT District:
Front yard: 25 feet.
Side yard: 20 feet.
Rear yard: 20 feet.

§ 475-149.8 Height limit.

The maximum height for structures in the UT District is 35 feet.

§ 475-149.9 Development standards.

The following are development standards in the UT District:
Any outdoor lighting shall be placed so as to reflect light away from any adjacent properties;
All outdoor storage of materials and parking areas shall be enclosed to provide effective site screening from adjoining properties, uses or streets by the use of walls, berms and landscape plantings or combinations thereof;
No materials or wastes shall be deposited upon the zone lot in such a manner that they may be carried off the zone lot by natural forces or causes;
Fuel and flammable liquids stored aboveground and in storage tanks of 300 gallons or more shall be diked or double walled to prevent the complete escape of liquid in the event of a rupture of the storage tank. Such storage tanks shall be at least 20 feet from any building and 50 feet from the boundary lines of the zone lot;
An automatic irrigation system shall be provided and maintained to all landscaped areas requiring water.