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Town of Kent, NY
Putnam County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Kent 11-15-2010 by L.L. No. 8-2010.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fees — See Ch. 36.
Peddlers and Solicitors — See Ch. 53.
Editor's Note: This local law was adopted as Ch. 30, but was renumbered in order to maintain the alphabetical organization of the Code.
The intent of this chapter is to establish regulations and procedures for the conduct of temporary and seasonal sales events, including, but not limited to, the sale of Christmas trees and related holiday decorations, tent sales, farmers markets and similar sales events conducted in open air or outdoor locations, or within a building or structure, in the Town of Kent, New York.
As used herein, "temporary sales event" shall mean the use of any building, parcel, lot or portion thereof for the wholesale or retail sale of merchandise to the general public when such use is for a specified, limited period of time.
It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to conduct a temporary sales event in the Town of Kent without first having a license from the Town Board of the Town of Kent.
It shall be a violation of this chapter for any owner, agent, or tenant to allow a building or premises to be used for a temporary sales event by any person or persons who have not first obtained a license from the Town Board of the Town of Kent.
All applications for a license to allow the conduct of a temporary sales event shall be made to the Town Board of the Town of Kent on a form prescribed by the Town Board.
The application shall be accompanied by a plan, drawn to scale, showing the general location of the building and/or the lot where the temporary sales event is to take place, including provisions for site access and parking. The application shall include the written consent of the owner of the building or the premises on which the temporary sales event is proposed.
Any application shall be submitted to the Town Board not less than two weeks prior to the date of commencement of the temporary sales event. The Town Board may approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove the license. In issuing the license the Town Board shall establish the date on which the temporary sales event may commence and the date on which it shall cease, including the days and the hours of operation. The Town Board may also establish any conditions as may be required, in the sole discretion of the Board, to protect the public safety, health, and welfare, as well as the quiet enjoyment of adjacent and nearby properties during the conduct of the temporary sales event.
The application shall be accompanied by an application fee in an amount set by the Board.
The temporary sales event may occur on any lot in the Industrial/Office/Commercial (IOC) District and the Commercial (C) District, and on any lot of four acres or more in the R-80 Residential District, as designated, and set forth in Chapter 77 of the Kent Town Code.
The Town Board may approve an application and issue a license only if the building or premises is deemed suitable for the sale in terms of vehicular access, parking, fire access, and public safety.
The license may be revoked at any time if the permittee deviates from the plan as submitted, or violates any conditions of the license, or if the sale is deemed by the Town Board, the Building Inspector, the Code Enforcement Officer, the Fire Inspector, or the Police Chief a public health or safety hazard. If the license is revoked, all sales shall be terminated immediately and shall not be permitted until the permittee complies with the plan and any conditions of the license and the Town Board is satisfied that all safety and health hazards are eliminated.
Temporary signs may be posted on the premises of the sales event for the duration of the sale, subject to the following conditions:
Signs shall be removed at the end of the sale.
Signs shall not exceed six square feet.
Signs shall be set back from the highway right-of-way no less than 10 feet, and in no event shall be placed so as to obstruct clear sight lines along any highway or any driveway ingress or egress.
No person shall be granted a license under this provision of this chapter unless they have a valid sales tax permit from the State of New York.
Such sale sites are subject to the prior approval of the Chief of Police and the Fire Inspector, or their designee(s), who shall consider, among other things, vehicular and pedestrian access to the premises and on the site, and building and fire safety for the proposed site.
The duration of the license shall be established by the Town Board at the time of approval of the license. The Town Board may permit a temporary sales event on a seasonal or periodic basis in the sole discretion of the Board.
The Building Inspector, the Fire Inspector, and the Code Enforcement Officer are empowered to cause any building, structure, place or premises to be inspected and examined and to order, in writing, the remedying of any condition found to exist therein or thereat in violation of any provision of this chapter. Such order may be served by personal service or by first-class United States mail certified with return receipt to the last known address of the person or persons, as hereinafter defined, violating the provisions of this chapter, or, if neither of these methods can be effected and only if neither can be effected, a copy of the notice may be posted on the property.
The owner, tenant, manager, or general agent of a building or premises where a violation of any provision of this chapter has been committed or shall exist, or the lessee, occupant or tenant of an entire building or entire premises where such violation has been committed or shall exist, or the owner, general agent, lessee, occupant or tenant of any part of the building or premises in which such violation has been committed or shall exist, or the owner, general agent, lessee, occupant or tenant or any other person who commits, takes part in or assists in any such violation or who maintains any building or premises or any part thereof in which any violation shall exist, shall be guilty of a violation, punishable by a minimum fine of $250 which will be imposed for each violation of this chapter. Each day's continued violation shall constitute a separate additional violation, and any person who, having been served with an order as hereinafter set forth to remove any such violation, shall fail to comply with said order within 10 days after such service shall be subject to the penalties hereinabove set forth.
This chapter shall not apply to garden shops or nurseries or other businesses which maintain as part of their regular business outdoor display and sales areas and which are open for business throughout the year. Such uses and businesses shall be subject to the requirements of Chapter 77 of the Kent Town Code.