Suffolk County, NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 3-11-2003 by Res. No. 181-2003 (Ch. 860, Art. II, of the 1985 Code)]
[Amended 12-6-2011 by Res. No. 1005-2011]
An independent Suffolk County Welfare to Work Commission is hereby created to evaluate and make recommendations of federal, state, and County policies and procedures designed to move people from welfare to work. The members of the Commission shall select a Chairman and Vice-Chairman from among their membership.
[Amended 6-24-2008 by Res. No. 524-2008; 12-6-2011 by Res. No. 1005-2011; 11-22-2016 by Res. No. 981-2016]
This Commission shall consist of the following 22 members:
The Presiding Officer of the County Legislature, or her or his designee;
The Suffolk County Commissioner of Social Services, or her or his designee;
The Chairperson of the Health and Human Services Committee of the Suffolk County Legislature, or any successor committee thereto, or her or his designee;
One representative from Catholic Charities;
One representative from Nassau/Suffolk Law Services;
A representative from Long Island Cares;
One representative from the Suffolk County Community College, selected by the Board of Trustees of the College;
A mental health professional to be selected by the Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature;
A representative of the Community Development Corporation of Long Island;
The Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs, or his or her designee;
A representative from the child-care community to be selected by the Chairperson of the Health and Human Services Committee of the Suffolk County Legislature;
A representative from Gerald Ryan Outreach;
A representative from the Long Island Council of Churches;
A representative of the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless;
A representative from EOC;
A representative of Family and Children's Association/Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence;
A representative of the Family Service League;
A representative from BOCES;
A representative of the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees Association;
A representative of the Empire Justice Center (Long Island Office);
A representative of the Wyandanch Homes and Property Development Corporation (WHPDC); and
The Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, or his or her designee.
The Commission shall hold its first meeting no later than 30 days after the oaths of office of all members have been filed, which meeting shall be convened by the Chairman of the Commission, for the purpose of organization and the appointment of a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary.
The members of said Commission shall serve without compensation and shall serve at the pleasure of their respective appointing authorities.
The Commission shall hold regular meetings, keep a record of all its proceedings, and determine the rules of its own proceedings, with special meetings to be called by the Chairperson upon his or her own initiative or upon receipt of a written request therefor signed by at least seven members of the Commission. Written notice of the time and place of such special meetings shall be given by the Secretary to each member at least four days before the date fixed by the notice for such special meeting.
[Amended 6-24-2008 by Res. No. 524-2008; 12-6-2011 by Res. No. 1005-2011]
Twelve members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum to transact the business of the Commission at both regular and special meetings.
The Commission may submit requests to the County Executive and/or the Suffolk County Department of Social Services for approval for the provision of secretarial services, travel expenses, or retention of consultants to assist the Commission with such endeavors, said total expenditures not to exceed $2,000 per fiscal year, which services shall be subject to legislative approval.
Clerical services involving the month-to-month operation of this Commission, as well as supplies and postage, as necessary, will be provided by the staff of the Clerk of the Suffolk County Legislature.
The Commission may conduct such informal hearings and meetings at any place or places within the County of Suffolk for the purpose of obtaining necessary information or other data to assist it in the proper performance of its duties and functions as it deems necessary.
The Commission may delegate to any member of the Commission the power and authority to conduct such hearings and meetings.
The Commission shall cooperate with the legislative committees of the County Legislature and make available for each committee's use, upon request, any records and other data it may accumulate or obtain.
[Amended 12-6-2011 by Res. No. 1005-2011]
The Commission shall expire, and the terms of office of its members terminate, as of December 31, 2012, at which time the Commission shall deposit all the records of its proceedings with the Clerk of the Legislature.
The Commission is hereby authorized, empowered, and directed to hold at least four public hearings throughout the County of Suffolk to assemble the data and information necessary to complete the valuation, study, and report required, with all reasonable efforts to be made to ascertain the views, wishes, and opinions of the residents of Suffolk County.
Said Commission shall meet at least four times per year.
[Amended 12-6-2011 by Res. No. 1005-2011]
This Commission shall submit periodic written reports of its findings and determinations, together with its recommendations for action, if any, to each member of the County Legislature and the County Executive and shall submit an annual report each year, by March 30, for consideration, review, and appropriate action, if necessary, by the entire County Legislature.
No study shall be performed by any outside consultant or consulting firm unless explicit approval and authorization for such consultant or consulting firm is granted pursuant to a duly enacted resolution of the County Legislature.