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Township of Fredon, NJ
Sussex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Fredon 9-24-1953 (Sec. 4-2 of the 1972 Revised General Ordinances). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Parks and recreation areas — See Ch. 372.
[Amended 6-27-1960]
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated:
Any trailer, trailer coach, camp car or any similar unit used for living, sleeping or business purposes, by one or more persons, which is equipped or capable of being equipped with wheels or similar devices used for the purpose of transporting the unit from place to place, whether it be self-propelled or otherwise.
Any tract of land designed, maintained or intended for the purpose of supplying a location or accommodation for a trailer but shall not include lots on which unoccupied trailers may be parked for the purpose of sale.
No person shall maintain or operate within the limits of the Township any trailer camp for hire or without charge unless such person first obtains a license therefor.
A license shall be applied for in writing and filed with the Township Clerk. The application shall include the following information:
The name and address of the applicant and the name and address of the owner of the property if the applicant does not own the premises.
Plot plan showing the extent of the area to be used for camp purposes, adjoining streets and driveways within the proposed premises, location of the sites for trailers, location and number of sanitary conveniences including plans and specifications therefor, method and plan of sewage disposal and garbage removal, plans and specifications for electrical lighting or furnishing of electrical supply.
The application shall be accompanied by the license fee as set forth in § 245-2D, which shall be paid annually on July 1 but which shall be prorated during the year when an applicant first makes application for a license.
If an application for a license is denied, the Township shall refund 1/2 of the license fee, unless the amount prorated is less than $50, in which event the entire deposit shall be retained by the Township Committee.
The applicant for a license shall be required to publish a notice of such application once a week for two weeks prior to the time the license is granted. Where the application is for premises upon which the required facilities have not as yet been constructed, the granting of the license shall be upon condition that the construction of the camp follows the plans and specifications filed with the license application.
Inspection. Before a license is issued, the premises shall be inspected by at least one member of the Township Committee, the Township Clerk and the health officer.
Compliance with law. Applicants for licenses shall comply with all ordinances or valid rules and regulations of the Township Committee or the Board of Health before a license is issued.
Land. All trailer camps shall be located on a tract which provides 600 square feet of space per trailer site and the trailer sites shall be arranged in rows facing on a driveway not less than 20 feet in width, which driveway shall have unobstructed access to a public street or within 20 feet of any adjoining property. Driveways shall not be located within 20 feet of any adjoining property.
Drainage. Every trailer camp shall be located on a well-drained area and the premises shall be properly graded to prevent the accumulation of storm or other waters.
Pure water. An adequate supply of pure water furnished through a pipe distribution system for drinking and domestic purposes shall be maintained. Supply faucets shall be located within 100 feet of any trailer campsite and no common drinking vessels shall be permitted. An abundant supply of hot water shall be provided at all times sufficient to provide water for bathing, washing and laundry.
Service building. Every trailer camp shall have erected thereon, at a distance not greater than 200 feet from the site it is designed to serve, a suitable building for housing toilets, showers and laundry facilities as required by this section. In the building there shall be located separate toilet rooms for each sex and there shall be provided at least one toilet for each sex for every five trailer sites. Toilet rooms shall contain lavatories with hot and cold water and shall be separately enclosed from the remainder of facilities in the service building. Separate enclosed bathing facilities for each sex with showers shall be provided on the same ratio and the bathing compartment shall contain a dressing room of at least 12 square feet. Bathing compartments shall be separate from toilet facilities.
Laundry. Laundry facilities shall be provided at the ratio of one double tray and one ironing board for each five campsites proposed.
Sanitary requirements. Floors of toilets, showers and laundry shall be of concrete, tile or other material impervious to water and shall be pitched to a floor drain. Such rooms shall be cleaned at least once daily when trailer campsites are occupied and shall generally he kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
Waste and garbage disposal. The method of waste and garbage disposal shall be adequate to take care of the proposed campsites and must provide septic tank disposal for all sewage or wastewater of a size adequate to provide for the facilities and the number of campsites proposed. No wastewater shall be thrown or discharged upon the surface of the ground. Sanitary facilities in any trailer shall be sealed by the licensee during the time when it is located at any campsite. Every trailer campsite shall be provided with a substantial flytight metal garbage disposal from which the contents shall be removed once daily by the licensee or his agents and disposed of according to the method and plan of waste and garbage disposal.
Electricity and lighting. Each trailer camp shall provide an electric service outlet for each trailer campsite and shall also provide illumination of the entire trailer camp which will keep the driveways in the trailer camp clearly illuminated during the period from one hour after sunset until dawn.
Each year after a license is originally issued and on June 1, the licensee shall file application for a renewal of any license heretofore issued. In the event a licensee enlarges the area licensed or changes the facilities available at his camp, he shall first make application for permission to do so, furnishing revised plans or specifications where necessary. The Township Committee may prescribe forms for original or renewal applications.
Each applicant for a license shall deposit with the Township committee a bond in the sum of $5,000 to secure his compliance with the terms of this section.
In every trailer camp there shall be an office building which shall be attended at all times. The license issued under this section shall be posted therein and the trailer camp register shall be kept in this office.
It shall be the duty of the attendant or person in charge as well as the licensee to at all times keep the register of all guests showing name and address, marital status of all guests, and license number of all automobiles and trailers, including state of registration. A copy of new registration information shall be delivered to the Township Clerk once each day before 10:00 a.m. showing the above data with regard to any new guests.
The camp shall be maintained in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition at all times.
It shall be unlawful to permit dogs, cats or other animals or pets to run at large in the camp or elsewhere.
The camp shall maintain fire extinguishers at a ratio of one to each three sites which shall be available for use by occupants.
In addition to the license fee imposed by this section, the licensee shall collect and pay a service and inspection charge of $1 per day for each trailer campsite occupied. This service and inspection charge shall be paid to the Township Clerk daily.
[Amended 12-22-1959; 6-27-1960]
No person owning any trailer shall locate, park, keep, or maintain a trailer upon any lot or tract of land within the Township except in an enclosed building or in a licensed trailer camp, except that the trailer may be parked for not longer than three hours for the purpose of shopping or other legitimate reason on any of the streets in the Township where parking is otherwise permitted.
No trailer may be parked in a trailer camp in the Township for a period longer than 60 days in any one calendar year.
After notice and hearing, the Township Committee may revoke or suspend the license of any licensee who violates the provisions of this section or who refuses to permit the inspection of a trailer camp by the Township Clerk or the Township health department upon request made for such inspection. The licensed premises shall be open to such inspection at all times.
[Amended 6-5-1972]
Any penalty resulting from conviction for violation of any provision of this section shall not prevent the imposition of revocation or suspension in accordance with § 499-11.