Borough of West View, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 290-26
Visibility at intersections. 

§ 290-27
Exception to height limitations. 

§ 290-28
Outdoor storage prohibitions. 

§ 290-29
Accessory building and structure requirements for all residence districts. 

§ 290-30

A clear-sight triangle shall be maintained at all intersections and points of entry on a public road, so that, measured along the center line, there shall be a clear-sight triangle of 75 feet, minimum, from the point of intersection. No obstruction to view will be permitted in this area above the height of 2 1/2 feet and below the height of 10 feet.

The height limitations of this chapter shall not apply to church spires, belfries, domes, monuments, observation towers, radio and television towers, chimneys, smokestacks, flagpoles, masts and aerials, elevators, equipment towers, tanks and other projections neither intended nor used for human occupancy.

[Amended 2-2-1977 by Ord. No. 1191]

Outdoor storage of any type shall not be permitted unless such storage is part of the normal operations conducted on the premises, subject to design and performance standards for the prevailing zoning district. When permitted by this section, all outdoor storage shall be protected consistent with § 290-30 of this chapter. However, any fence, wall, buffer screen or retaining wall shall be not less than eight feet in height. Junkyards, as defined in this chapter, are expressly prohibited.

An accessory building may be constructed within a rear yard in residential districts if entirely separated from the primary structure and if located at least 10 feet behind the rearmost portion of the primary structure. An accessory building constructed within a rear yard shall not be closer than five feet to the rear property line. An accessory building shall not exceed 150 square feet in area and one story in height. All plans for an accessory building shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer for approval prior to issuance of a building permit. Jerry-built structures, structures which are to be comprised of makeshift materials or structures which are subject to extreme weathering and unsightly conditions shall not be permitted.

[Amended 9-8-2010 by Ord. No. 1455]

For the purposes of this section, fences, hedges and screening walls shall be designated fence, privacy fence, security fence, or ornamental fence. All fences shall meet the following minimum requirements:


Privacy fences.


Privacy fences may be erected only in a side yard, rear yard or portion of lot behind the building setback line.


Privacy fences exceeding a height of four feet to a maximum of six feet shall be permitted in R-1 and R-3 Zoning Districts.


Security fences.


Security fences shall be erected only in side yards, rear yards, or on other portions of the lot behind the building setback line.


Security fences may be erected with a ratio of the open portion of not less than 1:1; provided, however, that the solid portions exclusive of the poles or posts supporting such fences shall be limited to a maximum of six inches in either its horizontal or vertical dimensions.


Security fences shall not exceed four feet in height in residential districts and six feet in height in commercial districts.


Security fences shall not have any sharp points or edges protruding therefrom.


A security fence provided for schools, playgrounds and parks in any district shall be an open fence with a ratio of the open portion to the solid portion of not less than 6:1, not more than 10 feet in height, located in a side or rear yard.


Ornamental fences.


Only ornamental fences having a ratio of open areas to solid area of not less than 10:1, such as a two-rail split rail fence, shall be permitted in required front yard portions of the lot in front of the building setback line.


The maximum height of an ornamental fence shall be four feet or as limited in other parts of the Code of the Borough of West View. The height shall be measured from the highest part of the ornamental fence, including the posts.


The finished side of any fence shall face the exterior of the lot upon which the same is erected, and the unfinished portion of the same shall face the interior of the lot upon which it is erected.


The height of any fence shall be the vertical distance measured from the average finished grade level to the highest point of the fence excluding any support structures. The average finished grade level shall be the average of the horizontal distance between two adjacent supporting structures, a minimum of six feet apart. The support structures of the fence shall not exceed six inches over the average height of the fence.


Hedges, shrubs, and other landscape screening shall not exceed the height requirements for fencing in the corresponding zoning district.