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Borough of West View, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Borough of West View 7-3-1974 by Ord. No. 1164 (Ch. 16 of the 1977 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Indemnification of Borough officials — See Ch. 28.
Pensions and employee benefits — See Ch. 50.
Salaries and compensation — See Ch. 70.
The office of Borough Manager is hereby created under the applicable provisions of the Borough Code.[1]
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. § 46141 et seq.
The Borough Manager shall be one person, shall be elected by a majority vote of the members of the Council of the Borough of West View and shall serve until the first Monday in January of the even-numbered year succeeding his election and until his successor is elected and qualifies. The office shall be filled biennially thereafter. In the case of a vacancy, the Council shall, by a vote of a majority of its members, fill said office. Removal from said office shall be consistent with the Borough Code, and at any time shall be by a vote of the majority of the members of the Council of the Borough of West View.
The Borough Manager shall be at least 25 years of age, be a citizen of the United States and have the technical and executive ability deemed sufficient in the discretion of the members of the Council of the Borough of West View.
The Borough Manager shall, before entering office, be bonded to the Borough of West View with a trust company, bonding company or other surety deemed sufficient and approved by the Council of the Borough of West View in the sum of $3,000, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties. The premium on said bond shall be paid by the Borough.
The salary of the Borough Manager shall be fixed by the Council of the Borough of West View,[1] and the Borough shall enter into a contract with said Borough Manager indicating other terms and conditions of employment.
Editor's Note: For information pertaining to the Salary Ordinance, see Ch. 70, Salaries and Compensation.
The Borough Manager shall carry on the business of the Borough under the direction of the Council, and his or her powers and duties shall relate to the general management of all Borough business not expressly by statute imposed or conferred upon other Borough officials. The Mayor is hereby authorized to delegate to the Manager, by written notification at any time, any of his nonlegislative and nonjudicial powers and duties.
In addition to the general powers and duties of the Borough Manager, the following special powers and duties are herein conferred:
The Borough Manager, under the direction of the Mayor, shall execute and enforce the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the ordinances, resolutions and bylaws of the Borough of West View.
The Borough Manager shall attend all meetings of the Council of the Borough of West View and recommend such measures as he shall deem expedient.
The Borough Manager shall make a monthly report to the Council of the Borough of West View, and at such other times as the Council may direct, on the affairs of the Borough, and shall keep the Council fully advised of the Borough's condition and needs.
The Borough Manager shall prepare and submit to the Council before the end of any fiscal year a tentative budget for the next fiscal year.
The Borough Manager shall attend to the securing of bids for the letting of contracts in due form of law and shall supervise the performance and faithful execution of the same, except insofar as such duties are expressly imposed on some other Borough official by statute.
The Borough Manager shall have full power to purchase all supplies and equipment for the use of his own and various departments and offices of the Borough; provided, however, that no single article shall be in excess of $500. The Borough Manager shall keep an account of all purchases made by him and shall, from time to time, as directed by the Council, make a full written report thereof.
The Borough Manager shall annually present to the Council, not more than 30 days after the close of each fiscal year, a correct and detailed statement and report of the preceding year's work of his office, with a detailed statement of all moneys received and expended.
The Borough Manager shall perform the duties of Building Inspector, Street Commissioner and Zoning Officer.
The Borough Manager shall have general supervisory power over all Borough employees, unless prohibited or prescribed by law.
The Borough Manager shall perform such other duties as may, from time to time, by ordinance be conferred upon him.
The Borough Manager shall cooperate with the Borough Council at all times and in all matters so that the best of interests of the Borough and general public may be maintained.
The Borough reserves the right at any time, by ordinance, to amend or otherwise modify or repeal this chapter and any particular thereof.