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City of Waltham, MA
Middlesex County
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Cross references — Annual inventory of City property to be submitted to Mayor and Auditor, § 2-2; annual reports by boards and officers to Mayor, § 2-9; turn over and accounting for funds, § 2-88; books and records to correspond to fiscal year, § 2-89.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-9]
There is hereby established the office of City Physician.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-5]
The City Physician shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council for a term of one year and until his successor in office is appointed and qualified. Such term shall commence on the first day of February of each year and the appointment shall be made by the Mayor in January of each year.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-77]
The City Physician shall be a resident of the City, a graduate of a legally chartered medical school, and qualified for practice in the commonwealth.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-78]
The City Physician shall perform all the duties and render all the services as required by ordinance or law.
In addition, it shall be the duty of the City Physician to attend, at the request of the appropriate City official on recipients of public assistance who become sick and are not otherwise provided for, and upon all sick persons under the care of the City authorities at the City infirmary. At the request of the public welfare commission, he shall attend its meetings and shall give to the commission such professional service, advice, and counsel as may be required in connection with the discharge of its duties.
At the request of the officers in charge of the police station, he shall attend and give, free of charge, the necessary medical and surgical treatment to the prisoners therein, or order their removal to a hospital if, in his judgment, such action is advisable.
Upon notification by a department head or the Mayor, the City Physician shall investigate each case of sickness or injury reported to him and certify to the department head, or the Mayor, as the case may be, as to his findings. As part of his investigation, the City Physician may accept a certificate, in such form as he may prescribe for the absent employee's physician, based upon the personal observations of such physician, as to the nature and extent and probable duration of the sickness or injury. He may also require such employee to undergo a physical examination without charge, and refusal of the employee to submit to such examination as may be prescribed by the City Physician shall disqualify him for receiving sick leave on account of the absence then under investigation or any continuation thereof.
The City Physician shall consult with and advise the workers' compensation agent respecting workers, laborers and mechanics making claims under the Workers' Compensation Act for injury arising out of and in the course of their employment and shall examine and give minor or emergency treatment, when requested, to such employees and to any employees injured in the course of their employment, without charge.
At the request of the City solicitor, he shall examine all persons injured upon the streets, ways, or elsewhere, whereby the City may become liable, diagnose the injury, keep a record thereof and transmit a written report to the City solicitor. At the request of the City solicitor, he shall also render such professional aid in court or otherwise as the latter may designate in all suits and matters wherein the City is or may be interested.