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City of Waltham, MA
Middlesex County
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[Added 10-24-2016 by Ord. No. 33558]
There is hereby established a principal department to be known as the "Human Resources Department."
There is hereby established the position of the Human Resources Director.
The Human Resources Director shall be the head of the Human Resources Department and shall have general supervision of the Department.
The Human Resources Director shall also serve as the City's Workers' Compensation Agent and for services as such shall receive such a stipend as may be contained in the City Compensation Ordinance separate from the salary established for the position of Human Resources Director.
The Human Resources Director shall be appointed by the Mayor in January, subject to confirmation by the Council, for a term of three years and until his or her successor in office is appointed and qualified. Such term shall commence on the first day of March.
The Human Resources Director shall be appointed as the Workers' Compensation Agent by the Mayor, at the same time as the appointment as Human Resources Director is made. Said appointment shall also be subject to the confirmation by the City Council. The Human Resources Director's term as Workers' Compensation Agent shall be coterminous with the term as Human Resources Director.
The Human Resources Department shall consist of the Human Resources Director, the Assistant Human Resources Director and such clerical and other assistance as the Mayor and City Council shall provide for in the departmental budget.
The Human Resources Director shall be responsible for performing all the functions of a Human Resources Director, including but not limited to establishing and maintaining all procedures for hiring of City employees; developing and submitting recommendations for employment-related policies, including but not limited to personal and sick leaves of absence, parental leave, performance management system, employee recognition program, progressive discipline, sexual harassment, accident prevention, and network use policies, to the Mayor for action/approval and then implementing and ensuring continued City compliance with approved policies; maintaining and operating the Employee Assistance Program; maintaining all City hiring, disciplinary, medical/health, attendance, and other employment-related records; reviewing City employment practices and maintaining compliance with all applicable federal/state and local laws; conducting or assisting in the conduct of hiring new City employees. The Human Resources Director's involvement in employment-related functions of the School Department shall be limited to those positions that are subject to Civil Service laws.
The Human Resources Director, as part of that position, shall perform all duties required of the Affirmative Action Office/Equal Employment Opportunity Officer for the City and shall also perform all duties as required as the designated City ADA Coordinator.
The Human Resources Director, in the role of Workers' Compensation Agent, shall be responsible for all administration and oversight of the City's workers' compensation program, in accordance with all applicable state statutes.
The Human Resources Director shall perform all other such employment-related duties as may be directed by the Mayor.
The person holding the title Director of Personnel and Workers' Compensation Agent on the effective date of the Human Resources Ordinance shall now be known and serve as the Human Resources Director and Workers' Compensation Agent for the remainder of her current three-year term and until a successor Human Resources Director and Workers' Compensation Agent is appointed and confirmed in accordance with Section 2-173 above.