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Editor's Note: Ord. No. 25062, adopted Jan. 11, 1982, deleted former Art. II which pertained to license, consisted of §§ 18-16—18-28, and was derived from Ord. No. 23182, §§ 84-94, adopted April 24, 1972, and Ord. No. 23364, adopted Dec. 26, 1972. Ord. No. 25062 enacted a new Art. II, as set out herein.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982]
No person shall drive or have charge of a taxicab without a license issued by the Chief of Police.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982; Ord. No. 27478, 12-28-1992; amended 2-23-1998 by Ord. No. 28518]
The fee for a license to drive a taxicab shall be $25.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982]
Application for licenses to drive taxicabs shall be made to the Chief of Police upon forms provided by him. The Chief of Police shall investigate the applicant and if such investigation is favorable, issue a license.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982]
All licenses to drive taxicabs expire annually on the last day of December. Applications for renewal of licenses shall be filed before December 15.
Cross reference — Licenses, permits and business regulations, Ch. 8.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982]
Taxicabs licenses to drive may be issued to suitable persons able to read, write and speak English intelligently, who are residents of the commonwealth, and citizens of the United States or persons who have declared their intention of becoming citizens.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982]
In the granting of a license to drive a taxicab, the applicant shall apply to the Chief of Police for an identification card which shall set forth the serial number and term of license, the name of the licensee, and a personal description including age, height, weight, complexion, color of hair and color of eyes. No such person shall permit any other person to use his identification card, nor shall any other person at any time use a card issued to another. The licensee shall display prominently at all times, when driving or in charge of the taxicab, said identification card.
[Ord. No. 25062, 1-11-1982]
The Chief of Police may suspend or revoke any license issued under this article for the violation of any law, ordinance, rule or regulation having a reasonable relationship to the conduct of the licensed business. The sanction imposed pursuant to this section shall be reasonable in relation to the offense.