City of Washington, PA
Washington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 1-26-1995 by Ord. No. 1492]
Council deems it to be in the interest of the residents of the City of Washington to provide for the establishment of a parking permit program to ensure primary access to available parking spaces by neighborhood residents as well as to provide for a cleaner ambient air level. The powers and duties as contained in this article shall be performed by the Parking Authority.
The Parking Authority is hereby authorized to designate, subject to approval by Council as hereinafter provided, public highways and other areas within the City on which the parking of vehicles may be restricted on weekdays, excepting holidays, in whole or in part, to residential vehicles and vehicles bearing a valid parking permit issued pursuant to this article. This authority shall be in addition to and may be exercised in conjunction with any other authority to regulate the times and conditions of motor vehicle parking.
For the purpose of this article, the following terms shall have the following meanings designated for each:
A motor vehicle, not more than seven-passenger, parked in a residential area by a person not a resident thereof.
A person who owns or leases real property within a residential area of which he is not a resident, but owns or manages a business enterprise or professional office maintained at that address.
A person who owns or leases real property within a residential area and who maintains either a voting residence or a bona fide occupancy, or both, at that address.
A contiguous area containing public highways or parts thereof primarily abutted by residential property or residential and nonbusiness property, such as schools, parks, churches, hospitals and nursing homes.
[Amended 9-7-1995 by Ord. No. 1503]
A residential area shall be deemed impacted and thereby eligible for permit parking, if:
During any twenty-four-hour period of time during any weekday or weekend, except holidays, the number of vehicles parked or standing, legally or illegally, on the streets in the area is equal to 70% or more of the legal on-street parking capacity of the area. For purposes of this criterion, a legal parking space shall be 20 linear feet.
In determining whether an area identified as impacted and eligible for permit parking shall be designated as a nonresidential permit parking area, the Parking Authority shall take into consideration the following factors:
The local and metropolitan needs with respect to clean air and environment.
The possibility of a reduction in total vehicle miles driven in the City.
The likelihood of alleviating traffic congestion, illegal parking and related health and safety hazards.
The proximity of public transportation to the residential area.
The desire and need of 75% of the residents for nonresidential permit parking.
The need for parking in excess of the permit parking program in proximity to establishments located therein and used by the general public for religious, health or education purposes.
Seventy-five percent of the residents in the residential district or portion thereof not less than one-block-street segment shall request implementation of the designation in their district or portion thereof by presenting a petition to the Mayor and Council signed by them. The petition shall be filed with the Parking Authority, which shall verify the accuracy and regularity thereof and report thereon to the Mayor and Council.
The Parking Authority's report to Council shall include, among other things, a recommendation of specific hours and streets as it pertains to the particular needs of each designated residential area.
At the request of 75% of the residents, a permit area may be removed from such designation as in Subsection C.
Following Council approval of the designation of a permit parking area, the Parking Authority shall issue appropriate permits and shall cause parking signs to be erected in the area, indicating the times, locations and conditions under which nonresident parking shall be by permit only. A permit shall be issued upon application and payment of the applicable fee.
The application for a permit shall contain the name and address of the owner or operator of the nonresident motor vehicle and the vehicle license number. The permit shall be renewed daily, weekly, monthly or as needed.
The holder of a nonresidential parking permit shall be permitted to stand or park a motor vehicle in any designated parking area during such times as the parking is permitted. While a vehicle for which a nonresidential parking permit has been issued is so parked, such permit shall be displayed so as to be clearly visible through the windshield of the vehicle. A nonresidential parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve to the holder a parking space within a designated permit parking area.
A nonresidential parking permit shall not authorize the holder thereof to stand or park a motor vehicle in such places or during such times as the stopping, standing or parking of motor vehicles is prohibited or set aside for specified types of vehicles, nor exempt the holder from the observance of any traffic regulation other than permit parking restriction.
The Parking Authority is authorized to establish nonresidential parking fees.
The Parking Authority is authorized to make provisions for the issuance of temporary parking permits to bona fide visitors of residents of a designated parking area and for the issuance of exemption parking permits to handicapped persons.
The parking restrictions imposed by this article shall not apply to any service or delivery vehicle when used to provide service or to make deliveries to residences within a parking permit area, provided that the parking of the service or delivery vehicle within the parking permit area does not exceed four hours in duration on any given day.
The Parking Authority shall adopt rules and regulations necessary for the administration of this parking permit program. The rules and regulations shall be subject to approval of Council prior to being effective.
Any duly authorized employee of the City under the direction of Mayor and Council shall notify such person of the unlawful parking charge by placing a written notice or ticket under the windshield wiper or in some conspicuous place on such vehicle, indicating the time of the violation, the amount of the unlawful parking charge, and that such charge shall be paid to the City, and the place where such charge shall be paid and the manner of payment. The unlawful parking charge shall not be more than $25 for each offense and shall be paid to the City no later than 10 days after the date of the violation, and the notice or ticket placed on the vehicle at the time of violation shall advise the owner or operator of such vehicle that, unless the unlawful parking charge is paid within the time limits herein specified, the fine payable upon conviction of such unlawful parking and failure to pay such charges shall be $25 and costs.