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Township of Bear Creek, PA
Luzerne County
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Employees who are members of the Military Reserve or National Guard will be granted up to 15 days' leave in any calendar year for required training or duty upon presentation of a copy of official orders. Employees shall be paid their regular pay rate while on such leave. Nothing in this section is intended to supersede and federal or state law governing active duty, or military leave in wartime or peacetime.
Any employee expecting to become a parent either by birth or adoption shall, upon request, be granted up to three months' leave without pay for the purpose of preparing for the child's arrival or caring for the child after arrival. Insurance benefits shall continue during this leave. As part of the three months' parental leave, a pregnant woman shall be allowed to use her earned sick leave in order to be paid for that period of time only when she is unable to work as certified by a physician. Upon expiration of parental leave, the employee shall be returned either to his or her previous job or to another job of equal pay and skill level. No employee shall be required to take parental leave so long as she is physically able to perform her job. Nothing in this article is intended to supersede any federal or state law or the Family Medical Leave Act.
Any employee called for non-voluntary jury duty or subpoenaed as a witness in a court case in which they are not a party shall be granted civil leave at their regular pay rate.
When it is determined by the Supervisors to be in the best interest of the Township, or when required by law, other paid or unpaid leaves shall be granted upon written request submitted far enough in advance to permit consideration.
Each regular employee shall be granted up to three days of paid leave in the event of a death in the immediate family. "Immediate family" is defined as father, mother, spouse, brother, sister, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and grandparents of employees and spouse. Employee shall be allowed the funeral day off with pay, if it is his or her scheduled workday, in the event of the death of his brother-in law or sister-in-law.