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Township of Bear Creek, PA
Luzerne County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Bear Creek Township as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Stormwater management — See Ch. 104.
[Adopted 3-9-1992 by Ord. No. 1-92]
Permitting and construction of on-lot sewage disposal systems shall be in accordance with Department of Environmental Resources (DER) regulations and Township ordinances.[1]
Editor's Note: In particular, see Res. No. 1-92, which delineates areas designated for on-lot systems. Said resolution is on file in the office of the Township Secretary.
The Township shall require that every owner of an on-lot disposal system have the septic tank emptied and cleaned at least once every five years, except that the Township shall have the right to have the tank cleaned at shorter intervals if deemed necessary.
Upon written notice from the Township, the owner of an on-lot disposal system shall have 90 days to comply with this section of this article. The Township shall have the right to service the septic tank and assess the owner accordingly.
If, by whatever means available, the Township discovers a malfunctioning on-lot disposal system, it shall direct the on-lot disposal system owner to correct such malfunction.
The Township recognizes that a malfunctioning on-lot disposal system may not be correctable due to the nature of the available soil. In such cases, the Township, with the advice and consent of the Sewage Enforcement Officer, will assist the owner in pursuing available means to either correct the existing system or to find alternative means of disposal. All costs of repairs and disposal shall be borne by the owner of the on-lot disposal system.
All complaints to the Township regarding malfunctioning systems must be in writing and signed by the complainant. Should the complaint prove to be invalid, all costs incurred by the Township will be borne by the complainant.
Only normal domestic wastes shall be discharged into any on-lot sewage disposal system. The following shall not be discharged into the system:
Industrial waste.
Automobile oil and other nondomestic oil.
Toxic or hazardous substances or chemicals, including but not limited to pesticides, disinfectants, acids, paints, paint thinners, herbicides, gasoline and other solvents.
Clean surface or groundwater, including water from roof or cellar drains, springs, basement sump pumps and french drains.
The Township's authorized agent may require installation of water conservation devices and other methods to improve system operation.
The Board of Supervisors of Bear Creek Township, through its officers and designees, has the right of enforcement of this article.
All Township residents and nonresidents owning on-lot disposal systems within the Township are hereby bound by this article.
All permits, records, reports, files and other written material relating to the installation, operation and maintenance and malfunction of on-lot sewage disposal systems in the Township shall become the property of the Township. Existing and future records shall be available for public inspection. All records pertaining to sewage permits, building permits, occupancy permits and all other aspects of the municipality's sewage management program shall be made available, upon request, for inspection by representatives of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources.