City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1980 §17-132; CC 1990 §17-151; Ord. No. 5496, 6-14-1993]
Permits will be issued in advance for designated picnic areas. Except as otherwise provided herein, the applicant for use of these facilities shall be a City resident. In addition to the issuance of permits to residents of the City as set forth above, permits for designated picnic areas will be available to persons included in an annexation area for a period of six (6) weeks prior to the election of such annexation, and for six (6) months after the annexation, provided the annexation proposal is approved at the election. During the time prescribed herein, persons within the annexation area may apply for use of these facilities and proof of residency in the annexation area must be established. The application shall contain the name and address of the person within the annexation area. Such permits shall state the time, place, date, name of the organization and number of people. Permits will be issued to person within the annexation area; and in the issuance of such permits there shall be no minimum residency requirement in the City or in the annexation area. Permits for picnic areas do not include permission to use ball diamonds in the parks unless otherwise specifically stated.
Cross Reference — Park picnic permit fees, §245.180(34).
[Code 1980 §17-133; CC 1990 §17-152]
Overnight camping permits in any City park may be issued to residents or groups sponsored by City organizations in areas designated for such purposes on application forms provided by the Director. In Sunset Park, such designated areas shall be on the upper portion of the bluff area.
Cross Reference — Licenses and miscellaneous business regulations, ch. 605.
[Code 1980 §17-134; CC 1990 §17-153]
Fires shall be permitted only in areas and at times designated by the Director.
[Code 1980 §17-135; CC 1990 §17-154]
During all supervised activity sponsored by the City, an accident report will be filled out on all accidents. If the injured requires professional medical attention, the Police are to be called and on their arrival the officer will be in charge.
[Code 1980 §17-136; CC 1990 §17-155]
If an accident should occur within the City parks in a non-supervised activity, it shall be the responsibility of the injured or the parent or guardian of the injured to report the accident to the Mayor's office at City Hall.