City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1980 §17-30; CC 1990 §14-476]
The Building Commissioner and Health Commissioner of the City are hereby authorized and directed to make inspections of any amusement or recreational center to determine whether or not all necessary safety and health measures required for the operation of such centers are being performed. For the purpose of making such inspections, the Building Commissioner and the Health Commissioner are hereby authorized to enter, examine and inspect such areas at all reasonable times. The owner or operator of every such center or the person in charge thereof shall give such officials free access at all reasonable times for the purpose of such inspections.
[Code 1980 §17-36; CC 1990 §14-491]
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate an outdoor amusement or recreational center until a permit shall have been obtained from the Building Commissioner of the City.
[Code 1980 §17-37; CC 1990 §14-492]
Any person desiring to operate an outdoor amusement or recreational center shall file an application for a permit with the Building Commissioner, which application shall be accompanied by accurately scaled and fully dimensioned plans showing the location of the proposed installation, the location of the equipment, any proposed spectator area and the specifications of all apparatus proposed to be used.
If such application complies with all of the requirements of this Article, a permit shall be issued upon payment of a fee in the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Such fee and all renewal fees payable under this Article shall be in lieu of any charges under any business or occupation license ordinance.
Such permit shall be renewable annually upon payment of a fee in the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00), provided all of the requirements of this Article are being observed by the permittee.
The permit fees, herein provided, shall not be applicable to charitable, not-for-profit and service organizations within the City.
[Code 1980 §17-38; CC 1990 §14-493]
A permit shall be issued and shall remain in force only upon compliance with the following requirements, except that Subsections (2) and (5) shall not be applicable to temporary facilities conducted for not more than seven (7) days by a charitable organization or as a promotion activity by an existing establishment within the City which, by approval of a majority of the members of the Council, may be extended up to a period not exceeding fourteen (14) days.
Equipment. All equipment proposed to be used shall meet all of the requirements of the Building Code. In addition, trampoline facilities shall meet the following requirements:
Open pits to be used under flexible exercise apparatus shall have a depth not exceeding four (4) feet;
When a floor drain is installed, the floor shall be sloped and the drain installed at the lowest point. The drainage system shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Director of Public Works;
Pits not provided with a drainage system shall be drained by suction sump pumps in accordance with all requirements of the Director of Public Works and in such manner that no pits shall retain any water and that drainage shall be accomplished within a reasonable time after rainfall;
Sidewalks of open pits shall be dug, constructed or reinforced in such manner as will satisfy all requirements of the Director of Public Works and so that there shall be no collapse or cave-in.
No commercial trampoline apparatus shall be less than four (4) feet by eight (8) feet in size. Such apparatus shall be installed in a safe and satisfactory manner on a rigid base.
All metal framework shall be covered by four (4) inch thick foam rubber or other equivalent cushioning material.
Above ground installations shall be not more than forty-two (42) inches above ground and shall be surrounded by a sufficient walkway area, as directed by the Director of Public Works, so as to be safe and to prevent falling from platform. Steps leading to and from such area shall be so constructed as to be slip-proof and shall be provided with a handrail.
Springs shall be kept in proper position and be structurally adequate to support the weight and tensions to which they are intended to be subjected.
Fencing. The area shall be enclosed with a fence not less than forty-two (42) inches in height and all gates in such fence shall contain adequate locking devices to prevent access during closed periods.
Hours of operation. Such centers may operate daily between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday and between 1:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M. on Sundays.
Lighting. All lighting shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of City ordinances and shall be located so as not to create a nuisance or cause any inconvenience to surrounding property.
Sanitary facilities. Sanitary facilities consisting of toilets and lavatories shall be provided in such number and in such locations as directed and required by the Director of Health.
Operator's responsibilities.
A sufficient number of attendants to supervise the use of the recreational or amusement equipment shall be on duty and present at all times when the equipment is in use. Such personnel shall be not less than seventeen (17) years of age.
Equipment shall be operated in accordance with all requirements of the Building Commissioner.
Operators of amusement or recreational centers shall be responsible for the quiet and orderly conduct of patrons of such establishment.
Every operator of a recreational or amusement center shall maintain comprehensive liability insurance of not less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for accidents by reason of the legally recognizable negligence of the operator of such a center or such additional amount as shall be required by the City Council. Such insurance shall be carried in a firm or corporation which has been duly licensed or permitted to carry on such business in the State and shall be kept and maintained continuously in force and effect so long as a permit for the operation of such center is in effect. A verified copy of the insurance policy shall be filed with the City Clerk, together with the certificate of the insurer that the policy is in full force and effect and that such policy will not be altered, amended or terminated without prior written notice having been given to the City.
The operator shall deposit bond with the Building Commissioner guaranteeing that upon the termination of the center, any excavation shall be filled in accordance with the requirements of the City.
Sale of food, drink or other articles. No food, drink or other articles may be sold in the recreational or amusement area without prior approval from the appropriate City licensing authority.