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Township of Upper Providence, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Township Manager generally — See Charter, Art. VI.
Contracts, purchasing and finance — See Ch. 208.
Personnel administration — See Chs. 282 and 284.
[Ord. No. 151, passed 7-10-1986]
The position of Township Manager is hereby established in accordance with Section 6.07 of the Upper Providence Home Rule Charter.
[Ord. No. 151, passed 7-10-1986]
The Manager shall be appointed for an indefinite term by a majority vote of all of the members of the Council.
The Council shall fix the amount of compensation.
The Manager shall serve at the pleasure of the Council, and he or she may be removed at any time by a majority vote of all of its members.
[Ord. No. 151, passed 7-10-1986]
The Township Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to training and/or experience in municipal management. The Manager need not be a resident of the Township.
[Ord. No. 301, passed 7-11-1996]
The Township Manager shall:
Be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and be responsible to Council for the general administration of Township affairs;
Supervise and be responsible for the activities of all departments of the Township;
Supervise personnel evaluations of employees on at least an annual basis. Department heads shall perform evaluations of the employees within their respective departments, and the Township Manager shall perform evaluations of the department heads;
Supervise the administration of the uniformed and nonuniformed employee personnel administration codes through the department heads. All actions shall be in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth;
Be responsible to Council for carrying out all policies and programs established by Council and make recommendations to the Council concerning policy formulation;
Propose and administer the Township's Financial Plan and submit periodic reports to Council summarizing the fiscal condition of the Township;
Keep the Council informed as to the conduct of Township affairs;
Assist the Chairman of Council with the preparation of the agenda as provided for by this Administration Code;
Attend all meetings of the Council;
Direct the review of complaints, suggestions and other correspondence received by the Township and see that proper response is made and that the Council is kept informed of such matters;
Be in charge of purchasing functions of the Township;
Become familiar with grant and assistance programs available from other governmental agencies and keep the Council informed as to the availability of such programs; prepare and file such applications for grants or assistance, and coordinate and administer the grant and/or assistance funds, as directed by Township Council;
Perform the duties of the Township Secretary as such duties are enunciated in this Administration Code, in the event the Township Manager is appointed to fill either of the said offices by Township Council;
Discharge his or her duties in a nonpartisan manner; and
Perform such other duties as may be designated by Council.
[Ord. No. 151, passed 7-10-1986]
The Council shall require the Township Manager to give bond to the Township, with a surety company approved by the Council. The premium for said bond shall be paid by the Township. The amount of the bond may be determined from time to time by resolution of the Council.
[Ord. No. 226, passed 1-17-1991]
The Township Manager shall receive all employee benefits provided to a fulltime nonuniformed Township employee, as such employee benefits shall be modified from time to time, and any further employee benefits authorized by Council in an Employment Agreement.
[Ord. No. 295, passed 2-8-1996]
The Township Manager or, in the absence of the Township Manager, the Township Secretary, has the right, pursuant to the following procedures, to sell or dispose of surplus Township property where the value of the property or the lot of property to be sold or disposed of is valued at less than $1,000.
The Township Manager shall obtain a written appraisal that the value of the surplus personal property is less than $1,000 from a person whose trade or business regularly sells or services the type of personal property intended to be sold.
The Township Manager shall post a notice to the public in a public place at the Municipal Building of the intention to sell or dispose of the surplus personal property, which notice shall not be removed until the property is sold or otherwise disposed of in accordance with these procedures. The notice shall indicate the date after which the property will be sold or disposed of and shall state that all offers must be made in writing, with payment tendered at the Township's request. The notice shall also be announced at one regular meeting of Council, at a minimum. The notice shall be for a period of not less than 10 days from the date the notice is both announced at the regular meeting of Council and posted at the Municipal Building. The sale or disposal of the surplus personal property shall not occur until after the notice period has expired.
After the notice period has expired, the Township Manager may sell the surplus personal property in any manner he or she deems appropriate for the best price offered in writing, with a tendered payment at the time of the sale.
If no price is offered and tendered in writing for the surplus personal property within 45 days of the posting of the notice, the Township Manager may dispose of the property in any lawful manner he or she deems appropriate.