Township of Upper Providence, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Created: 2018-02-22|Updated: 2018-03-02

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Adopting Ordinance

Chapter AO Adopting Ordinance

Comparative Section Table

Chapter CST Comparative Section Table

Part Two: Administrative Code
Title Two: General Provisions

Chapter 202 Codified Ordinances

Chapter 204 Official Standards

Chapter 206 Lines and Boundaries

Chapter 208 Contracts, Purchasing and Finance

Chapter 210 Meetings of Public Bodies

Title Four: Legislation

Chapter 220 Council

Chapter 222 Ordinances and Resolutions

Title Six: Administration

Chapter 230 Township Manager

Chapter 232 Township Solicitor

Chapter 234 Township Secretary

Chapter 236 Township Auditors

Chapter 238 Township Tax Collector

Chapter 240 Township Engineer

Chapter 241 Township Planner

Chapter 242 Police Department

Chapter 244 Volunteer Fire Company

Chapter 246 Bureau of Fire Prevention

Chapter 248 Highway Department

Chapter 250 Sewer Department

Chapter 252 Recreation Department

Chapter 254 Code Administration Department

Chapter 256 Public Works Department

Title Eight: Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees

Chapter 260 Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees Generally

Chapter 262 Authorities

Chapter 264 Planning Commission

Chapter 266 Zoning Hearing Board

Chapter 268 Recreation Board

Chapter 270 Environmental Commission

Chapter 272 Code of Ethics Commission

Chapter 274 Cable Television Advisory Committee

Title Ten: Employment Provisions

Chapter 280 Employees Generally

Chapter 282 Uniformed Employee Personnel Administration

Chapter 284 Nonuniformed Employee Personnel Administration

Chapter 286 Police Pension Plan

Chapter 288 Nonuniformed Employees' Pension Plan

Title Twelve: Judiciary

Chapter 298 District Justice and Court of Common Pleas

Part Four: Traffic Code
Title Two: Vehicles and Public Ways

Chapter 420 Administration, Enforcement and Penalty

Chapter 424 Operation of Vehicles

Chapter 428 Streets and Traffic Control Devices

Title Four: Parking

Chapter 440 Parking Generally

Chapter 444 Off-Street Parking

Chapter 448 Snow Emergency Parking

Chapter 452 Residential Parking Program

Part Six: General Offenses Code

Chapter 610 Air Pollution Control

Chapter 614 Animals

Chapter 660 Peace Disturbances

Chapter 680 Safety, Sanitation and Health

Chapter 690 Vegetation

Chapter 694 Weapons and Explosives

Part Eight: Business Regulation and Taxation Code
Title Two: Business Regulation

Chapter 820 Cable Television

Chapter 870 Transient Merchants

Title Four: Taxation

Chapter 880 Per Capita Tax

Chapter 884 Realty Transfer Tax

Chapter 886 Local Services Tax

Part Ten: Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code
Title Two: Street and Sidewalk Areas

Chapter 1020 Construction and Repair of Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 1022 Street Excavations and Obstructions

Chapter 1023 Township Rights-Of-Way

Title Four: Sewers and Stormwater Management

Chapter 1040 Sewer District No. 1

Chapter 1042 Sewer District No. 2

Chapter 1044 Connections and Capping

Chapter 1046 Sewage Facilities Plan

Chapter 1048 Stormwater Management Facilities

Chapter 1050 Ridley Creek Stormwater Management

Chapter 1052 Community On-Lot (Colds) and Stream Discharge (Csdds) Sewage Disposal System Management Program

Chapter 1054 Stormwater Management

Chapter 1056 Sewage Retaining Tank Procedures

Title Six: Garbage and Rubbish Collection and Disposal

Chapter 1060 Licensing of Solid Waste Collectors

Chapter 1061 Regulation of Solid Waste Containers

Chapter 1062 Solid Waste Collection

Chapter 1064 Solid Waste Disposal

Chapter 1066 Recycling

Title Eight: Other Public Services

Chapter 1080 Media-Upper Providence Free Library

Chapter 1082 Parks and Playgrounds

Part Twelve: Planning and Zoning Code
Title Two: Planning

Chapter 1210 Planning Commission

Chapter 1212 Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 1214 Stormwater Management; Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Title Four: Subdivision and Land Development Regulations

Chapter 1220 General Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 1222 Administration, Enforcement and Penalty

Chapter 1226 Procedure

Chapter 1228 Plan Requirements

Chapter 1230 Development Design Standards

Chapter 1232 Mobile Home Parks

Chapter 1234 Construction and Acceptance of Public Improvements

Appendixes A-H Appendixes to Title Four

Title Six: Zoning

Chapter 1250 General Provisions and Administration

Chapter 1252 General Definitions

Chapter 1254 Establishment of Districts

Chapter 1256 Use Regulations and Standards

Chapter 1258 Area, Bulk, and Dimensional Standards

Chapter 1260 Buffer Requirements

Chapter 1262 Off-Street Parking and Loading

Chapter 1264 Nuisance Standards

Chapter 1266 Steep Slope Conservation Overlay District

Chapter 1268 Ridley Creek Watershed Overlay District

Chapter 1270 Floodplain Management

Chapter 1272 Planned Residential Overlay District

Chapter 1276 Signs

Chapter 1278 Nonconformities

Chapter 1280 Conditional Uses

Chapter 1282 Zoning Hearing Board

Chapter 1284 Repealer and Effective Date

Part Fourteen: Building and Housing Code
Title Two: Building Standards

Chapter 1420 Boca National Building Code

Chapter 1422 (Reserved)

Chapter 1424 International Plumbing Code

Chapter 1426 International Mechanical Code

Chapter 1428 (Reserved)

Chapter 1430 Uniform Construction Code

Title Four: Miscellaneous Building Regulations

Chapter 1440 Alarm Systems

Chapter 1444 Certificates of Use and Occupancy

Chapter 1448 Numbering of Buildings

Chapter 1454 Smoke Detectors

Chapter 1456 (Reserved)

Chapter 1458 Water Conservation Standards for Plumbing Installations

Title Six: Housing Standards

Chapter 1460 International Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 1462 Apartment Registration

Chapter 1464 Vacant and Abandoned Property

Part Sixteen: Fire Prevention Code

Chapter 1610 Boca National Fire Prevention Code

Chapter 1620 Miscellaneous Regulations

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List