Township of Upper Providence, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
WE, THE CITIZENS of Upper Providence Township, in order to insure the power of self government, strengthen the structure of our Municipal Government, make it more clearly responsible and responsive to the people, provide Municipal services and facilities with the highest degree of efficiency and economy, and promote the general welfare and security within the Township to ourselves and for the future, do ordain and establish this Home Rule Charter for Upper Providence Township.
The following words, when used in this Charter, shall have the following meanings:
A. "Charter" shall mean the Home Rule Charter adopted by the voters of Upper Providence Township and effective on the fifth day of January, 1976.
B. "Township" shall mean Upper Providence Township.
C. "Council" shall mean the governing body of Upper Providence Township.
D. "Elector" shall mean any person who shall possess all of the qualifications enabling him to register to vote.
E. "Registered elector" shall mean any person who shall possess all of the qualifications of an elector and who has legally registered to vote.
F. "Voter" shall mean any person who votes.
G. "Election" shall mean any general, special, municipal or primary election unless otherwise specified.
H. "General election" shall mean the election which the Constitution of this Commonwealth requires to be held in even numbered years.
I. "Municipal Election" shall mean the election which the Constitution of this Commonwealth requires to be held in odd numbered years.
J. "Primary election" shall mean any election for the nomination of candidates.
K. "November election" shall mean either the general election or the municipal election or both, according to the context.
L. "Certification of the election results" shall mean that certification of election results prepared by the County Board of Elections as prescribed by the laws of the Commonwealth.
M. "Majority" shall mean the number greater than one-half of any total.
N. "Quorum" shall mean a majority of the whole body.
O. "Oath" shall include affirmation, and "swear" shall include affirm.
P. "Advertising" shall mean publication in one newspaper of general circulation issued daily, intended for general distribution and circulation and sold at fixed prices per copy to subscribers and readers without regard to business, trade, profession or class as well as publicizing in one other publication which is circulated throughout the Township on at least a weekly basis.
Q. "Proof of publication" shall mean a printed or written statement, declaring the name of a newspaper of general circulation, a legal newspaper, a legal periodical, official newspaper, or official legal newspaper its place of business, when the same was established, date or dates, and issue or issues, in which a printed notice or publication appeared, and to which is securely attached, exactly as printed or published, a copy of the official advertisement, official notice, legal notice, or legal advertisement, verified with a statement of the owner, publisher, or the designated agent of the owner or publisher, of such newspaper or periodical in which the official or legal advertisement or notice was published, duly sworn to before a person authorized to administer oaths, and also declaring that the affiant is not interested in the subject matter of the notice of advertising, and that all of the allegations of the statement as to the time, place, and character of publication are true.
R. "Ordinance" shall mean an enactment of the Township Council.
S. "Resolution" shall mean a formal expression of the opinion or will of the Township Council adopted by vote.
T. "Motion" shall mean the formal mode in which a member submits a proposed measure or resolve for the consideration and action of the meeting.