Township of Upper Providence, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Auditors. Three Auditors shall be elected at-large and at four-year intervals. The Auditors shall serve for a four year term beginning on the first Monday of January following the year in which they are elected. No Auditor shall serve consecutively more than two full terms, except that an auditor filling a vacancy may serve two full terms following the unexpired term.
Qualifications. An Auditor shall be a citizen of the United States of America and, at the time of his nomination, shall have been a resident of the Township for not less than one year and shall be a registered elector. An Auditor shall be qualified by education, training or experience in accounting or financial management to perform the duties of the office. Further, he shall not have been convicted of a felony or embezzlement, bribery, perjury or any crime involving moral turpitude. No Auditor shall hold any other elected or appointed public office within the Township.
Prior to assuming the position of Auditor, a citizen shall affirm by oath that he is qualified for the office and that he shall act in the best interest of the Township.
Duties. The Auditors shall audit the financial accounts and records of the Township and its officers, boards, authorities and commissions at least once a year and shall file a written report no later than ninety days after the close of the fiscal year. Said report shall be filed with the Township Secretary and with such other offices as may be required by law. The Auditors shall also perform such other auditing duties as the Council may require.
If any errors, omissions or irregularities are discovered in the course of such audit, the Auditors shall promptly report such matters to the Council at its next public meeting, said report to be made orally and in writing. The Council shall take immediate action to correct the errors omissions or irregularities and initiate action to recover any loss to the Township which may have resulted from such irregularity.
Compensation. The Auditors shall be compensated at an annual rate to be established by ordinance. Any subsequent change in said compensation shall not take effect until the expiration of the term of office of the incumbent Auditors at the time the change is enacted.
Vacancy. If a vacancy shall occur in the office of Auditor, and such office shall be declared vacant by the Council, such vacancy shall be filled by the Council, which shall appoint a qualified person in accordance with the procedure for replacement of Council members, as defined in this Charter. An appointee must stand for election as for the replacement of a Council member, except that said election shall be on an at-large basis.
Abolition of Office. The office of Auditor may be abolished by ordinance. Such ordinance shall not take effect during the term of an incumbent. The ordinance abolishing this office shall provide for an alternate method for auditing the Township records.
Editor's Note: Former Section 4.02, Tax Collector, was removed pursuant to Ord. No. 478, adopted 2-14-2013, which ordinance abolished the Office of Tax Collector, effective 1-1-2014. Ordinance No. 478 also provided that the Township Manager and/or his duly appointed agents are empowered to collect and disburse all taxes due the Township in a manner provided by law and as directed by the Township Council.