Town of Carrollton, MO
Carroll County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.010, 2-18-2014]
Whenever the Mayor determines on the basis of falling snow, sleet or freezing rain, or on the basis of a weather bureau forecast that weather conditions may cause hazardous or dangerous driving conditions upon the streets and roadways within the Town, he/she shall have the authority to declare a traffic snow emergency.
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.020, 2-18-2014]
Upon the declaration of a traffic snow emergency by the Mayor, there shall be placed upon the front window at the Carrollton Town Hall a notice that a traffic snow emergency has been declared and said notice shall remain posted on said front window until said traffic emergency is abated. In addition, at least one (1) radio or television station whose broadcasts are normally received within the Town of Carrollton shall be contacted and the Town shall post a notice on its website and use whatever practical means are at its disposal, including social media, to broadcast the fact that a traffic snow emergency has been declared by the Town of Carrollton and that the provisions of this Chapter are in effect during said traffic emergency.
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.030, 2-18-2014]
The following acts shall be prohibited during a traffic snow emergency:
The parking of any motor vehicle upon an emergency snow route within the Town of Carrollton; and
The operation of a motor vehicle upon an emergency snow route so as to impede the free movement of traffic upon said roadway or impede the removal or treatment of snow, sleet or ice upon the roadway if the drive wheels of said vehicle are not mounted with snow tires, chains or radials, with the exception of vehicles with dual drive wheels.
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.040, 2-18-2014]
See Schedule VI, Emergency Snow Routes, included at the end of Title III.
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.050, 2-18-2014]
Police Officers of the Town of Carrollton are hereby authorized to have removed to a garage or place of safety, including another place on another street, as may be designated by the Chief of Police from any emergency snow route, any motor vehicles violating the provisions of this Chapter, and the owner of such vehicle shall be liable for the reasonable cost incurred in the removal and storage of such vehicle. All tow operators and/or companies utilized in these operations shall carry liability insurance per Missouri Highway Patrol Standards covering damage to vehicles during towing operations and while under the actual or constructive possession of said operator and/or company.
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.060, 2-18-2014]
After the declaration of a traffic snow emergency as set forth herein, the prohibition against parking or impeding the free flow of traffic or removal of snow, sleet and ice conditions upon said emergency snow routes shall remain in effect until terminated by the announcement of the Mayor. Said termination shall also be evidenced by a notice of said termination upon the public bulletin board in the Carrollton Town Hall and public service announcements by a radio or television stations whose broadcasts are normally received in the Carrollton area.
[Ord. No. 1149 § 20.070, 2-18-2014]
In the event a motor vehicle is found upon an emergency snow route during a traffic snow emergency and no operator of the motor vehicle is present, the owner of said motor vehicle and in whose name such motor vehicle is registered shall be held prima facie responsible for such violation.