Town of Carrollton, MO
Carroll County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 20 § 1, 4-2-1929]
The width and grade of all sidewalks shall be uniform along each street unless a change of grade or width on such street be deemed necessary by the Council, in which case such change shall only be made at a street crossing and thereat shall provide and see that safe and suitable approaches from sidewalk to street crossing are made and maintained.
[Ord. No. 20 § 2, 4-2-1929]
No guttering, curbing or sidewalk shall hereafter be built unless the width and grade thereof be established by the Town, provided that where the Town has heretofore established the width and grade and material of any sidewalk, guttering or curbing, the same shall be built or repaired accordingly, unless the Council, by ordinance, shall otherwise provide. No guttering, curbing, or sidewalk shall hereafter be built in said Town unless the Council shall first prescribe the material and manner of construction. No person shall hereafter build any new sidewalk, curbing or guttering (except as herein before provided) without a permit from the Council.
[Ord. No. 20 § 3, 4-2-1929]
When the width of any sidewalk has been or shall be established, the owner of any lot adjacent thereto may set out in the outer line prescribed for such walk any ornamental trees so that the same shall not interfere with the sidewalk, guttering or curbing, or any gutter, curbing or sidewalk, and grade thereof that may hereafter be contracted, provided that said trees or tree shall not seriously interfere with the use of any street or public ground. Whenever the Council may deem necessary it may require said tree or trees to be cut down and removed.
[Ord. No. 20 § 4, 4-2-1929]
That any owner or owners of any property, or lot adjacent to any street or alley now opened or which may hereafter be opened, in said Town, shall build, pave, construct, improve or repair any sidewalk along the side of the property or lot of said owner or owners adjacent to any street or alley now opened or which may hereafter be opened, in said Town, whenever the Council shall, by ordinance, determine to have such sidewalk built, paved, constructed, improved or repaired by any owner or owners along the side of the property or lot of any owner or owners thereof adjacent to any street or alley now opened or hereafter opened in said Town.
[Ord. No. 20 § 5, 4-2-1929]
Whenever the Council shall determine to have any sidewalk built or repaired, as provided by Section 510.040, the Council shall adopt an ordinance providing therefor and cause at least ten (10) days' notice in writing to be personally served on the owner or owners of any such property by any officer authorized to serve civil or criminal process. Said notice shall require such owner or owners to begin to build, repair and complete the building and repairing of any such sidewalk within a reasonable time thereafter stated in said notice, and shall contain a description of such property and general description of the character of such sidewalk, giving the length and breadth of such sidewalk, and the material of which all or any part thereof shall be composed, and the name of the owner or owners thereof.
[Ord. No. 20 § 6, 4-2-1929]
If the notice in writing above referred to in Section 510.050 cannot be personally served in this State, or if the owner or owners are unknown and cannot be personally served, the Council shall cause four (4) weeks' notice to be published in the English language in some weekly newspaper of general circulation published in the Town of Carrollton, setting forth all the facts required in the written notice above referred to.
[Ord. No. 20 § 7, 4-2-1929]
If, after the expiration of fifteen (15) days after the service of such notice, if in writing, or if by publication, at the end of four (4) weeks after publication (proof of publication to be made by the publisher and filed with the Council) said owner or owners shall not have commenced in good faith to build and repair such sidewalk, and complete same in a reasonable time as aforesaid, the Council shall cause such sidewalk to be built or repaired at the expense of the Town, the costs and expenses of which shall constitute a lien on the property or lot aforesaid.
[Ord. No. 20 § 8, 4-2-1929]
The Town may enforce said lien against such property or lot in any court of competent jurisdiction, provided the owner or owners of said property may pay into the Treasury of said Town (or to the Town Collector) any expense of building or repairing said sidewalk by the Town at any time before sale of said property for the cost and expenses, together with all costs.
[Ord. No. 1124 § 1, 1-17-2012]
Any person, entity or organization that shall excavate, open or dig into any street, alley, thoroughfare, easement, right-of-way, sidewalk or curbing in the Town of Carrollton, or should pay or have said work done on their property, shall have the duty to refill such excavation and compact the same to ninety-five percent (95%) of original compaction and notify the Town of Carrollton and the City Works Director of such conditions for inspection. Upon notification, a project deposit of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) shall be placed with the Financial Assistant of the Town of Carrollton. Notification shall be the shared, severable responsibility of the property owner, contractor and the equipment operator of said project. In the event that any street, alley or thoroughfare covered with concrete, asphalt or other hard earthen material is to be removed or altered during any said project, the material shall be cut prior to said project work. In addition, all projects shall follow Missouri One Call procedures and timeframes. Procedure for backfilling and compaction of the cutout shall be as follows: all saturated soils from or below the excavation must be removed and dry fill used to replace the same; all compaction must be done in no more than six-inch layers. The City Works Director or his/her designated representative shall be solely responsible for inspecting and determining compliance with this Article. Thereafter, this person, entity or organization shall resurface the disturbed portion of the street in the manner and to the extent to replace it in its original condition as provided by Article III, Specifications for Acceptance of Streets and Sewers, of Chapter 410 of the Code of the Town of Carrollton. Upon compliance with this Article, the project deposit paid to the Town of Carrollton shall be refunded in whole to the payor(s).
[Ord. No. 1124 § 2, 1-17-2012]
Any and all persons, entities or organizations, or those individuals who paid to have said work done on their property that shall be found in violation of this Article by the City Works Director or his/her designated representative shall be issued a five-day notice to cure said violation. These five (5) days shall consist of Monday through Friday, with the exception of State of Missouri and Federal Holidays. If said violation is not cured within this five-day period, the aforementioned persons, entities or organizations and all of them individually shall forfeit their project deposit and be subject to a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) plus restitution due to the Town of Carrollton for costs and fees in the amount paid by the Town for services to bring the altered street, alley, thoroughfare, easement, right-of-way, sidewalk or curbing in compliance with this Article.