Town of Marion, MA
Plymouth County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Marion as Art. II of the Bylaws. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Amended 4-25-2005 ATM by Art. 19; 11-26-2012 STM by Art. S3]
The Annual Town Meeting shall be held on the second Monday in May.
[Amended 5-21-2007 ATM by Art. 19]
The election of officers designated on the official ballot and the voting upon such questions or matters as may be properly submitted for vote on the official ballot shall take place on the Friday following the Monday commencement of the Annual Town Meeting each year.
All warrants of Town Meeting shall be served by posting up an attested copy thereof in not less than three public places in the Town, 14 days, at least, before the time of holding the Annual or any Special Town Meeting.
A copy of the warrant shall be sent to all voters at least five days before the time of holding any Special Town Meeting.
The number of voters necessary to constitute a quorum at any Town meeting shall be 50; provided, however, that a number of less than a quorum may from time to time adjourn the same. This section shall not apply to such parts of meetings as are devoted exclusively to the election of officers by ballot.
Copies of the warrant and of the report of the Finance Committee thereon shall be available to the voters at all Town meetings.
The Moderator shall appoint such tellers and such clerks as he may require for his assistance, and the Moderator may designate a section of floor space at each Town Meeting where he shall allow only registered voters to enter, the voting list being used.
In counting the number of votes cast, the tellers shall count only the voters of persons in the space designated for voters, if such space is designated as aforesaid.
[Amended 4-17-1953 STM by Art. 1]
Articles of the warrant shall be acted upon in the order in which they appear in the warrant unless otherwise determined by a vote of the meeting, except that no article to appropriate a sum in excess of $1,000 shall be introduced after 10:00 p.m.
All motions having to do with the expenditure of money shall be presented in writing. Other motions shall be in writing, if so directed by the Moderator.
When a question is before the meeting, the following motions, namely: to adjourn, to lay on the table, for the previous question, to postpone to a certain time, to recommit, or refer, to amend, to postpone indefinitely, shall be received and shall have precedence in the foregoing order, and the first three shall be decided without debate.
[Amended 4-28-1997 ATM by Art. 3]
On matters requiring a two-thirds vote by statute, a count need not be taken unless the vote so declared by the Moderator is immediately questioned by seven or more voters, as provided in MGL c. 39, § 15.
[Amended 4-28-1997 ATM by Art. 3]
The warrant for an Annual or Special Town Meeting may specify that the meeting is to be held in a suitable auditorium or other facility in any of the contiguous towns. Town Meeting may also vote to adjourn to such a facility if it deems appropriate, as provided in Section 1 of Chapter 448 of the Acts of 1996.[1]
Editor's Note: See MGL c. 39, § 9.