Dutchess County , NY
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The appropriations by the County Legislature for maintenance of the Dutchess Community College shall be made in whole to the Board of Trustees of the College for expenditures by the Board of Trustees, subject to the terms and conditions of such appropriations and to such regulations concerning the custody, deposit and payment and audit thereof as the County Legislature may deem proper.
The Board of Trustees may elect a Treasurer, establish a bank account or accounts in the name of the College, and deposit therein monies received or collected by the College, including monies appropriated by the County Legislature, monies received from tuition, fees, charges, sales of products and services, and from all other sources. The Board of Trustees of the College may, subject to the requirements specified by the County Legislature pursuant to Section 31.01 of the Code, authorize the Treasurer to pay all proper bills and accounts of the College, including salaries and wages, from funds in its custody. The Board of Trustees shall promulgate appropriate policy and procedures for procuring and managing the property of the College, notwithstanding any provisions of Section 3.01 to the contrary. The Treasurer shall execute a bond or official undertaking to the Board of Trustees of the College in such sum and with such sureties as the Board of Trustees shall require, the expenses of which shall be a College charge.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
The Board of Trustees of the College may authorize the Treasurer to establish and maintain petty cash funds, not in excess of $200, each for specified College purposes or undertakings, from which may be paid, in advance of audit, properly itemized and verified or certified bills for materials, supplies or services furnished to the College for the conduct of its affairs and upon terms calling for the payment of cash to the vendor upon the delivery of any such materials or supplies or the rendering of any such services. Lists of all expenditures made from such petty cash funds shall be presented to the Board of Trustees at each regular meeting thereof, together with the bills supporting such expenditures, for audit, and the Board of Trustees shall direct reimbursement of such petty cash funds from the appropriate budgetary item or items in an amount equal to the total of such bills which it shall so audit and allow. Any of such bills or any portion of any of such bills as shall be disallowed upon audit shall be the personal responsibility of the Treasurer and such official shall forthwith reimburse such petty cash fund in the amount of such disallowance.
The Board of Trustees of the College shall provide for periodic audits of all accounts maintained at its direction and render such reports respecting any and all receipts and expenditures of the College as the County Legislature, the County Executive or the County Comptroller may direct.