Dutchess County , NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 2-11-2002 by L.L. No. 2-2002[1]]
Editor's Note: Former Art. XXXII, General Provisions, was repealed 7-14-1997 by L.L. No. 6-1997.
Except as otherwise provided in the Charter or this Code, any contract to which the County is a party shall require approval by the County Legislature, if said contract is for:
The sale, lease, or purchase of real property.
The alteration or demolition of a building or other structure.
The erection or construction of a building or other structure, whether constructed on site or off site, and whether leased or purchased.
The provision of facilities or the rendering of services by, for or with any municipality, public authority, or combination thereof.
As used herein, the term "building" shall include a trailer, modular unit, or other type of structure either attached to an existing County building or freestanding.
The County Executive shall execute all contracts on behalf of the County, except as otherwise provided in the Charter or this Code.
All contracts to be executed by any person authorized by the Charter or this Code on behalf of the County shall first be approved as to form by the County Attorney. A copy of such contract, when executed, shall be filed with the Commissioner of Finance, the Comptroller, and the County Legislature when approval of said board is required for such contract.
Any salary fixed by the County Legislature of an officer paid from County funds shall be in lieu of all fees, percentages, emoluments, or other form of compensation payable for services rendered in the performance of the powers and duties of the office; provided, however, that any officer required by law to reside at a County institution, or authorized and directed by the County Executive, may be furnished maintenance or any part thereof at a County institution. Such maintenance shall be defined and the value thereof determined by resolution of the Legislature, and the amount so determined shall constitute a part of the salary fixed for any such officer.
Whenever the Charter or this Code provides that the head of a unit of County government may act as the head of a sub-unit of such unit, the head of such unit shall not receive any additional compensation for acting as the head of such sub-unit. Whenever the County Legislature authorizes any person paid from County funds to perform the duties of more than one position, such person shall be paid the salary for only one position as the County Executive shall designate.
The County Executive, the Comptroller, the Chair of the County Legislature, the Chair of any standing committee of the County Legislature, and such other County officers as may be authorized by law shall have the power to subpoena and compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, records, and papers, as the same may be pertinent to their respective offices. Any County officer authorized to hold a hearing or conduct an investigation shall have the power to administer oaths or affirmations in connection therewith.
Except as otherwise provided in the Charter or this Code, each head of a department or other unit of the Executive Branch, subject to the approval of the County Executive, shall designate in writing, in order of succession, the member or members of the department or other unit who shall act in his/her place in the event of his/her absence from the County or inability to perform or exercise the powers and duties of his/her office. Such designation shall be filed with the County Clerk and the Clerk of the County Legislature and may be revoked at any time by the filing of a new written designation and order of succession. The designee so acting shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of the head of the department or other unit making such designation.