Town of North Brentwood, MD
Prince George's County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of North Brentwood as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Personnel — See Ch. 48.
Public ethics — See Ch. 56.
Salaries and compensation — See Ch. 60.
[Adopted 9-8-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-06]
There is created and established the Office of Code Enforcement Officer. The appointment of a Code Enforcement Officer shall be approved by ordinance or written resolution. The Code Enforcement Officer and any of his or her assistants shall be responsible to the Mayor. A Code Enforcement Officer appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council shall have the following powers, authorizations, duties, qualifications and functions:
Subject to the requirements of the Town Council, the Code Enforcement Officer, shall, in addition to such other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the Mayor, enforce such laws and ordinances relating to property, buildings and structures as may be specifically provided.
The Code Enforcement Officer shall be technically informed: (1) on the quality and strength of building materials; (2) on the prevailing methods of building and construction; (3) on the latest practices in fire prevention; (4) on the accepted requirement for safe facilities; and (5) on the proper equipment in buildings, and other installations for the safety, comfort and convenience of the occupants and the public. He or she shall not have any interest whatever, directly or indirectly, in the sale or manufacture of any material, process or device entering into or used in or in connection with property maintenance, building or construction within the Town.
The Code Enforcement Officer and/or a designated Police Officer may be authorized by the Mayor and Council to enforce the Town's ordinances and may deliver a municipal infraction citation, criminal misdemeanor violation summons, charging document or criminal citation to any person alleged to be committing or to have committed a municipal infraction or other violation.
The Code Enforcement Officer shall examine premises for which permits have been or will be issued and shall make necessary inspections to see that the provisions of applicable laws or ordinances are complied with and that maintenance or construction is prosecuted safely. He or she shall, when requested by the Town Council or when the interests of the Town so require, make investigations in connection with matters referred to within Town ordinances and render written reports on the same. For the purpose of enforcing compliance with law, to remove illegal, nuisance or unsafe conditions, to secure the necessary safeguards, or to require adequate facilities in existing building or improved properties, he or she shall issue notices or orders as may be necessary.
Unless posted or informed otherwise (i.e, no trespassing), the Code Enforcement Officer or police officer shall have the right, upon proper identification, to routinely enter upon private property so far as is necessary for the performance of duties.
The Mayor is hereby authorized and empowered to establish additional duties for any assigned Code Enforcement Officer, provided that said officer shall not be vested with police powers of arrest. Code Enforcement Officers are not authorized to carry firearms, and they shall not carry firearms while on duty. Said officers shall be assigned such duties as are civilian and administrative in nature that the Mayor, from time to time, may direct, that are not inconsistent with the limitations set forth in this Code, or state law and, in addition, the Code Enforcement Officer shall be vested with the authority to issue parking citations, criminal citations and citations for municipal infractions as expressly provided for in each applicable article or section of the Town's Code or other ordinances.
The Code Enforcement Officer shall keep careful and comprehensive records of applications, of permits issued, of certificates issued, of inspections made, of reports rendered, and of notices, citations or orders issued.
In the absence or disability of the Code Enforcement Officer, the Mayor, with approval of the Town Council, shall designate, by ordinance or written resolution, a qualified official or subordinate to discharge the duties of the Code Enforcement Officer.