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Township of Hope, NJ
Warren County
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[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.1]
Findings. It is found and declared that:
Individual and nonindividual on-site subsurface sewage disposal systems for residential dwellings are in use within the Township of Hope. When these dwellings are constructed, the proposed sewage disposal systems must be reviewed and approved by the Warren County Health Department pursuant to Township Ordinances.
When the dwellings are altered or expanded, there is no local requirement that the sewage disposal system be reviewed by the Warren County Health Department to ascertain whether the system will still be adequate in light of the proposed alteration or expansion.
It is determined to be in the interest of public health, safety and welfare to establish provisions to regulate all alterations to existing systems to protect the public against system failures and resultant pollution.
Purpose. In addition to the purposes set forth in the Revised General Ordinances for the Township of Hope, Chapter VIII, Uniform Construction Code, it is the purpose of this Chapter:
To establish an enforcement program for subsurface sewage disposal system certification for alterations or additions proposed to existing residential dwellings.
This Chapter requires any property owner proposing an alteration, addition or expansion to an existing residential dwelling to receive a certificate of compliance from the Warren County Health Department. The certificate must state that proposed alteration, addition or expansion or change of use of the building or facility would not exceed the design capacity of the existing subsurface sewage disposal system.
[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.2]
This Chapter shall be known as the "Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Management Ordinance for Alterations, Expansions and Additions to Existing Dwellings located in the Township of Hope."
[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.3]
Any person seeking a building, construction or zoning permit from the Hope Township Construction Department or other Township authorized agent, for any addition, alteration or expansion to an existing dwelling shall first apply for and receive a subsurface disposal system certificate of compliance from the Warren County Health Department.
[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.4]
The Construction Official of the Township of Hope shall enforce this Chapter.
[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.5]
Any person who is found to be in violation of the provisions of this Chapter shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $2,000 plus the cost of eliminating the violation.
[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.6]
Each section, subsection, sentence, clause and phrase of this Chapter is declared to be an independent section, subsection, sentence, clause and phrase, and the finding or holding of any such portion of this Chapter to be unconstitutional, void or ineffective for any cause or reason, shall not affect any other portion of the Chapter.
[Ord. #08-02, § 8-6.7]
This Chapter shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption, and any publication required by law.