Township of Green, NJ
Sussex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[BH:OR-9-80 § 122-2]
The Individual and Semipublic Water Supply Code of New Jersey (1966) and the several supplements and amendments thereto are hereby adopted and incorporated into this chapter.
[BH:OR-9-80 § 122-2; BH:OR-1-87]
No person shall drill a well without first obtaining a permit from the Board of Health, and no person shall drill or dig a present well deeper without first obtaining a permit from the Board of Health.
Every applicant for a proposed or existing well permit shall present a drawing to an appropriate scale thereon the exact location where the well is to be placed, and this location shall be at least 100 feet from any proposed or existing sewage disposal system. All proposed and existing wells must be shown on this drawing.
There shall be charged for the filing of an application and plans for a permit to locate and construct a water supply or to alter an existing water supply and for each reinspection of a water supply or part thereof caused by the failure of the permittee to locate and construct or alter the same in accordance with the terms of the permit issued or the terms of the aforesaid Code such fees as shall be established by the Township Committee.
A well shall be provided with an outside water-tight casing to a depth of 50 feet or more, in compliance with the State and County standards.
The Health Inspector must be present when the sealing of any well takes place. The Health Inspector's sealing inspection is not to be construed as a guaranty that the well will be free of pollution. It is to certify that the well has been constructed in accordance with this chapter.
No hose or pumps that are used for any purpose whatsoever in the sewer system shall be used in any manner whatsoever in connection with or about the potable water supply system.
Whenever the owners or agents of buildings supply potable water, they shall supply a continuous flow of water without interruption unless otherwise specified, except for such reasonable time as shall be needed for making necessary repairs or if such interruption is caused by an act of God.
The top of the well casing shall be capped with a rubber sanitary seal and properly vented. Water pipe connections through the casing shall be sealed with a Jaswell seal or equal.