Township of Green, NJ
Sussex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[BH:OR-9-80 § 122-3; BH:OR-1-87; BH:OR-2-87; BH:OR-1-95 § 1]
The Individual Sewage Disposal System Code of New Jersey (1963) and the several supplements and amendments thereto are hereby adopted and incorporated into this chapter by reference.
All septic tanks installed in the Township of Green shall be of material acceptable by the Sussex County Health Department and in compliance with all State and County specifications. The minimum distance between a sewage disposal system and an existing or proposed water supply well shall be a minimum of 100 feet.
No person shall install a sewerage system without first obtaining a permit from the Board of Health, and no person shall dig a present sewerage system deeper or enlarge the present system without first obtaining a permit from the Board of Health.
Every applicant for a sewage system permit shall present a drawing to an appropriate scale indicating thereon the exact location where the sewage system is to be located, and this location shall be at least 100 feet from any well, watercourse including intermittent streams, wetlands, or open waters. The location shall also be a minimum of 50 feet from any storm drainage easement or storm drainage system including catch basins, inlet and outlet structures, storm drain pipes, vegetated or drainage swales, detention and retention basins, etc.
There shall be charged for the filing of an application and plans for a permit to locate an individual sewage disposal system or to alter an existing individual sewage disposal system and for each reinspection of an individual sewage disposal system or part thereof caused by the failure of the permittee to locate and construct or alter the same in accordance with the terms of the permit issued or the terms of the aforesaid Code and for the issuance or renewal of a license to a person or corporation engaged in the business of cleaning or emptying receptacles for the reception and storage of human excrement or other putrescible matter such fees as shall be established by the Township Committee.
Alterations to individual subsurface sewage disposal systems or individual water supplies shall be subject to acceptability of the County of Sussex Health Department.
If the minimum required separation distance between a sewage disposal system and a watercourse or a storm drainage system cannot be maintained, the applicant shall be required to file an application for a variance from the Board of Health. In order to qualify for a variance, the applicant will be required to construct a new storm water disposal system, or reconstruct an existing storm water collection system to provide a watertight facility for all components of the system within 50 feet of the septic system.
An alternate to reconstruction of any existing storm water disposal system would be the installation of a water tight below grade barrier between the septic system and the storm water collection system to result in an effective flow path between the septic system and the storm water system of at least 50 feet.
In no case will a variance be considered for the construction of a septic system closer than 25 feet to a storm water disposal system.
Minimum Standards. The following minimum standards for construction of individual sewage disposal systems are hereby established.
Disposal fields. The minimum size of disposal field, when so prescribed, shall be 750 square feet.
Number of Disposal Areas.
All applications for permits to locate and construct individual sewage disposal systems shall provide for the location and design of two disposal areas, both of which shall meet all existing requirements.
Only one disposal area need be constructed initially. The other shall be available if repair or expansion of the system becomes necessary.